Huawei launches cloud-based video conferencing solution much like Zoom

Huawei has launched its global video conferencing solution Huawei Cloud Meeting in the Asia Pacific region to connect remote workers, customers and partners during this Covid-19 period. huawei video conferencing

With the pandemic increasing adoption of video conferencing solutions, Huawei is taking advantage of its expertise in tele-suite solutions and the Cloud to develop Huawei Cloud Meeting.

According to Huawei, Huawei Cloud Meeting can host up to 1000 participants simultaneously from any terminal or device.

Huawei has opened up the solutions APIs to allow developers to allow integration with third-party applications and web platforms.

Security is provided by AES 265 for the encryption of contacts, meeting recordings, protection for connecting to the Cloud, and device access. The solution also enables one-click data sharing and transfer between PCs, mobile phones, tablets, meeting room terminals, and smart TVs.

Prices for using Huawei Cloud Meeting range from US$10 (S$13) a month for up to 25 participants, up to US$66 a month for up to 500 participants.

To try out Huawei Cloud Meeting, new users in the Asia Pacific region can go here. They can also claim a free U$100 coupon to trial the solution.

Space for a new entrant? huawei video conferencing 

While the company has a base of customers already on the Huawei Cloud Platform, whether they transition these to adopting Huawei Cloud Meeting remains to be seen. Both Zoom and Microsoft’s Teams have already seen major updates and adoption numbers recently, so there may be little space left for a new entrant.

Ultra-HD Video

End-to-end support for 4K video delivers an immersive meeting experience, enabling efficient communication and collaboration.

Multiple Backups

Carrier-grade reliability and nine backup mechanisms meet the needs of various industries and make video conferencing commonplace in enterprise offices.

Full-Stack Security

Build a systematic, secure and trustworthy architecture, covering chips, operating systems and container engines to extend safeguards to every corner.

Intelligent Operations

Combine functions such as meeting assets management and meeting Operations and Maintenance (O&M) into one platform, facilitating decision making.


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