Hrvatski Telekom Opens The Business Showroom

The new Business Showroom will demonstrate and test technological innovations developed by Hrvatski Telekom with partners

Hrvatski Telekom, the leader of the digital transformation of Croatia, opened today its new Business Showroom, innovation center where it will present its most advanced technological solutions used to digitalize Croatian companies and cities.


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As part of the inauguration, Hrvatski Telekom presented the benefits of business migration to the Cloud in its twice as big data center, demonstrated how smart city technologies can improve the quality of life in Croatian cities, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase level of public services and public spending efficiency, and presented opportunities to apply blockchain technology in the digitalization of industry and the public sector.


Hrvatski Telekom Opens The Business Showroom in Zagreb

The opening of the Business Showroom brought together a large number of business partners in the business center of Hrvatski Telekom, Radnička Street in Zagreb, who directly and indirectly generate more than HRK 11.3 billion of Croatia’s GDP. The Business Showroom will demonstrate and test the technologies that Hrvatski Telekom and Combis are developing with their entire network of partners and will be open to the business community as well as to citizens interested in the latest technology available in Croatia. The opening of such an innovation center is an integral part of the World of Better Opportunities platform by which Hrvatski Telekom realizes its corporate promise to accelerate the digitalization of businesses and cities as a critical determinant of the success of the economy and society in the coming period.

Business Showroom presents a range of new solutions that will significantly shape the future development of industries and cities.

Hrvatski Telekom is the largest private investor in Croatia In the last four years alone, we have invested more than HRK 7.5 billion in new technologies, which is the value of four Pelješac bridges. So far, we have digitalized more than 30% of all business entities in Croatia, but we want to increase the pace. We want to accelerate the digitalization of Croatia and the economic development of the country and provide all citizens with better opportunities and services to be ready for a new wave of technological change. We have developed many sophisticated solutions for companies, and we are developing solutions designed to digitalize cities. By doing so, we further stimulate new job creation in numerous small and medium-sized partner companies,” said Saša Kramar, Member of the Management Board and Chief Operating Officer Business of Hrvatski Telekom.

The particular emphasis at the opening of the Business Showroom was on the collaboration of Hrvatski Telekom with Microsoft, which resulted in the presentation of two breakthroughs in the offering.

With Microsoft as a strategic partner, Hrvatski Telekom is the first to bring to Croatia one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms in the world – Microsoft Azure Stack, which enables simultaneous access to the most advanced cloud systems and data management that remain in Croatia.

Also, to accelerate the digitalization of Croatian businesses, thanks to Microsoft Acceleration Center, Hrvatski Telekom has at its disposal 4,000 developers and IT experts who can support it in any large and complex project, making it the unique ICT provider in the region.

We are incredibly pleased that Hrvatski Telekom has selected us as a strategic partner in upgrading and transforming its largest Data Center, which will become a state-of-the-art data center with significantly larger capacities. Our partnership will ensure the faster digital transformation of the Croatian market as it uses Microsoft AZURE STACK technology in the upgrade, which enables the expansion of AZURE’s cloud computing into a Data Center environment, thus bringing agility and accelerated innovation, while fulfilling various regulatory requirements through this hybrid model,” said Tatjana Skoko, Director of Microsoft Croatia.

Hrvatski Telekom’s Business Showroom is the only place in Croatia today where all those interested can see and try in one place the latest solutions in the field of cloud & data center and solutions in the smart city segment such as smart video surveillance, air quality control, smart lighting, EV charging stations, smart parking, smart payphones and more. Popular Greyp bikes, various e-scooters, and other urban mobility solutions are also available to everyone.

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