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Hrvatski Telekom Sets Up IoT Measuring Devices To Collect Meteorological Data At Biokovo

With the help of HGSS station Split and Biokovo Nature Park and in cooperation with famous alpinist Stipe Božić, Hrvatski Telekom installed IoT measuring devices for collecting meteorological data at the location of the Pakline mountain shelter on Biokovo. hrvatski telekom iot

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The measuring devices have an autonomous power supply, and their purpose is to collect temperature and air humidity data, which are then displayed in real-time on a mobile app enabling future users to monitor and analyze data for various needs. For example, HGSS can access precise meteorological data at a particular location and plan the necessary interventions accordingly.

“The Paklina shelter is located at 852 meters above sea level on a ridge above the native pine forest of Paklina. As part of the pilot to increase security in mountainous, forested, and non-urban areas, Hrvatski Telekom’s modern measuring devices have been installed at the shelter to transmit real-time data, which is extremely important for the timely reactions of the competent security services,” Stipe Božić points out.

This IoT technology, due to its high adaptability, can be applied in almost all market segments, such as industry, smart cities, transport, logistics, or agriculture. The solutions can be adapted to the individual needs of users, who can thus read the status of monitored parameters and plan their management.

“Digital communication between devices, people, and systems takes place through Hrvatski Telekom’s modern NarrowBand IoT network and IoT platform, which enables the adaptation of existing solutions to individual user cases such as this one. Through the further development of this pilot project, the plan is to continue with the installation of IoT measuring devices in other selected locations located near protected areas of forests within fire-risk areas to contribute to the development of methods that will facilitate the prevention of potentially dangerous situations by security services,” said Nikola Brebrić, ICT business solutions development manager at HT.

This is just one of the areas in which Hrvatski Telekom strives to contribute to the digitalization of society as a prerequisite for creating a better and more sustainable future. As a leader in this field and a company that attaches great importance to environmental sustainability, Hrvatski Telekom also wants to use its own example to encourage others to use modern digital technologies to protect and preserve their environment as much as possible.

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