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Hrvatski Telekom implements eSim in electric bicycles

Hrvatski Telekom, the leader of digital transformation in Croatia, has implemented innovative eSIM technology into the new Greyp G6 electric bicycle, which is being introduced for the first time at the home of the Croatian Society of Fine Artists.

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This is the new mountain bicycle of the Greyp Bikes of Mate Rimac, which combines bicycle components, high technology, and constant connectivity to the internet, bringing a turning point for the cycling industry.

The special feature of the new generation of Greyp bikes is constant connectivity to the internet via eSIM technology. Constant connectivity to the internet opens up new opportunities for bicycle use and riding experiences and allows its owners to remotely control certain bicycle functions and monitor it. Hrvatski Telekom is the one that has introduced an innovative eSIM technology that connects to the internet without a physical SIM card, and Greyp bikes have, by using the new technology, taken a place next to the most advanced high-tech products in the world. Thanks to Hrvatski Telekom, every Greyp G6 will include a four-year Internet connection in 104 countries worldwide.

As the leaders of the digital transformation of Croatia, we are creating a stimulating environment for innovation and the use of new technologies. We are proud of the partnership with Greyp, one of the most innovative domestic companies, where we have succeeded together in implementing eSIM technology into a completely new product. HT is the leader within Deutsche Telekom in developing this technology.

By implementing an advanced vision of connectivity enabled by eSIM technology, the new Greyp bikes allow one to create a whole new cycling experience. The users of this most technologically advanced bicycle will be constantly connected to the internet, and in this way, they will be able to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the best mobile network, that of Hrvatski Telekom,“ said Nataša Rapaić, a member of the Management Board of Hrvatski Telekom and Chief Operating Officer Residential.

The main differentiation of the new G6 compared to the existing range of mountain bikes is the use of high technology. Based on information obtained from a series of built-in sensors, G6 directly participates in making decisions that affect the behavior of the bike and thus the drive itself. According to the heart rate, G6 adjusts the level of motor assistance, and the G-sensor detects dangerous situations and initiates the procedure for sending the assistance call.

„Unlike traditional bike producers that are basically combining traditional bikes with electrical components, we developed the bike around its drivetrain, its sensors, and its advanced connectivity. I believe that we succeeded in combining both cycling and digital experience by integrating sensors and cameras, connecting bikes to the internet, and developing a mobile app in order to create a completely new riding experience. We invested three years into its development, and we believe this bike is the turning point for our company, and if I can put my modesty aside for a moment, a turning point for the cycling industry“, said Mate Rimac on that occasion.

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Connectivity via Hrvatski Telekom’s eSIM technology will enable the sending of commands to the bicycle, even when the bicycle and the user are not in the same location or retrieving images from integrated bicycle cameras. Continuous recording cameras record every situation and can be quickly and easily shared on social networks. Constant internet connectivity allows contests and sharing of content in real-time, making the bike a unique gaming platform. A series of data that is monitored and recorded, such as a display of the rider’s energy consumption but also consumption of electricity, will provide an insight into the condition of the bike and the user’s habits, aiming to improve the user experience.

Besides all electronics and software, the G6 is still a thoroughbred off-road machine. The frame is a carbon fiber-reinforced composite chassis, the geometry is enduro-oriented on 27,5+ tires and 150mm of front and rear suspension travel, made possible by RockShox suspension components.

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