Video transmission via drone on 5G network demonstrated in Rovinj * Weekend Media Festival audience had the opportunity to watch the live streaming from the island of Krk and enjoy the real 5G user experience enabled by Hrvatski Telekom

The drone video on the 5G network officially opened the twelfth Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj. This is the first video drone transmission on a 5G network in this part of Europe, established between Rovinj and Krk. Nikola Vrdoljak, program director of the Weekend Media Festival, announced changes in technology that await us in the future, after which the WMF audience saw the drone flight over Krk. Srđan Kovačević, CEO of start Orq operated the drone. Testing was performed on a live 5G network, using the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ as a user device.


Orqa startup is developing technology that will enable applications in a new domain called remote reality. It is a technology that, with the help of a camera and special video goggles, allows users to experience a presence in a remote location.

“The key feature of Remote Reality applications is the interaction of users with the remote environment, and for this, it is essential to transmit high-definition video signals with minimum possible latency (signal delay). The current network infrastructure is a bottleneck in the successful implementation of Remote Reality technology, as it cannot offer sufficiently high connection reliability, data rates, and low latency. The implementation of 5G network technologies solves all three problems, so the development of 5G network infrastructure is critical to the technologies Orqa is developing. I am very pleased that we at Hrvatski Telekom have found a partner with whom we can today develop 5G technological solutions for the future,” said Srđan Kovačević, CEO of startup Orqa.

By demonstrating live streaming on the 5G network at a festival that has always promoted new trends, Hrvatski Telekom wants to show the Croatian public what the future of technology will look like. 5G is a relevant technology for Croatia and the world in general and vital for the sustainable development of mobile and fixed broadband internet access. Hrvatski Telekom has commissioned ten test 5G base stations in Croatia so far – five in Samobor and Sveta Nedelja, four on the island of Krk, and one in Zagreb.

For visitors of the Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj to enjoy the first-hand 5G experience, a temporary base station has also been commissioned in Rovinj in the WMF venue. Also, all interested visitors will be able to get the 5G experience at Hrvatski Telekom’s booth where they will be racing cars on 5G network, equipped with Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G smart devices. Visitors will also be able to try out 5G speeds for the first time in Croatia using Samsung 5G mobiles.

To bring the 5G experience closer to all users, Samsung’s portfolio offers 5G devices with various features. Following the launch of the Galaxy S10 + 5G in February this year, Samsung has expanded its 5G offering through the Note line to other devices it believes will change the way users consume content and connect with friends and family. The latest Galaxy Note10 + 5G uses all the power and speed of the 5G network to stream high-definition video, download super-fast content, and stream graphically demanding games.

At Hrvatski Telekom, we are extremely proud of the development and quality of our mobile network. With the implementation and development of 5G technology, we want to create the future together with our customers, so today’s demonstration of the 5G technology is a great introduction to anyone interested in the opportunities that 5G development will give us, and they are multifaceted. 5G will be the foundation of all developed smart digital companies. The delivery of ultra-fast mobile broadband will enable massive networking of the Internet of Things, completely transforming our lives and society,” said Nataša Malić, Director of the Access Networks Sector at Hrvatski Telekom.

In the future, 5G will be widely used in industry, agriculture, education, health care, and will drive many innovations and contribute to stronger economic growth and greater global competence. 5G will also play an important role for residential users and will enable broadband speeds to fixed internet users using mobile technology. You can find all relevant information and answers to questions related to 5G technology on the dedicated web page.

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