Hrvatski Telekom enables 5G roaming in Germany

5G available in more than 5000 German and 76 Croatian cities

In cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, Hrvatski Telekom has ensured that Croatian customers in Germany and German customers in Croatia can now use the benefits of a 5G network. hrvatski telekom 5g germany

Hrvatski Telekom’s 5G network, launched on 2.1 GHz in 2020, is constantly being developed further. At the moment, it covers 76 Croatian cities and towns, 11 municipalities, and two million citizens.

Deutsche Telekom launched its commercial 5G network in September 2019 in Germany. It currently uses the 2.1 GHz and 3.6 GHz frequencies, covering more than 66 million people and more than 5000 cities. Of these, more than 50 are taking advantage of the high-speed 3.6 GHz 5G network.

Enjoy the benefits of 5G on Deutsche Telekom’s network

All customers with a 5G-capable device and subscription plan may enjoy the benefits of 5G on Deutsche Telekom’s network in the 5G covered areas, based on roam like at home and fair use policy up to the amount of mobile data that can be used in EU roaming situations included in their plan, without paying extra fees. With a suitable device and tariff plan, Deutsche Telekom customers can use Hrvatski Telekom’s 5G network when visiting Croatia in the areas covered by 5G.

The return of foreign guests and the success of the tourist season will significantly contribute to the recovery of the Croatian economy. By establishing 5G roaming, we enable the use of the best mobile services to visitors in Croatia and our users abroad. This technological breakthrough is the contribution of Hrvatski Telekom and Deutsche Telekom Group to the normalization of life in the EU after the covid-19 pandemic,” said Boris Drilo, Member of the Management Board and Chief Technology and Chief Information Officer at Hrvatski Telekom.

At Deutsche Telekom, we strive to provide our customers with the best network performance at home and on the road, and it doesn’t stop at the borders. By enabling 5G roaming services between Telekom Deutschland and Hrvatski Telekom in the summer season and, hopefully, safe travel again, we have ensured that users can enjoy high-performance 5G networks in both countries,” said Armin Sumesgutner, SVP Technology Europe Deutsche Telekom AG.

Hrvatski Telekom was the first Croatian telecom to enable 5G roaming in June 2021, with the first 5G roaming agreement concluded with Magyar Telekom for Hungary. Hrvatski Telekom is finalizing 5G roaming agreements with service providers in other countries to ensure the best customer experience. hrvatski telekom 5g germany


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