Wanna reduce your company telecom expenses?

Control and reduce costs of up to 30% with proactive management of your spending without sacrificing service

Did you know that you may be paying up to 15% more for telecom expenses than necessary? Reduce telecom expenses -now!

On average, about 50 percent of telecom bills have an error that accounts for 3 to 5 percent of the total value of the overall telecom spend.

Telecommunications assets are the lifeblood of your organisation, and the complexities that organisations are facing are growing, from increasing mobile workforces to data-rich services. As well telecom services can be a major expense for small businesses.

With larger companies processing as many as 15,000 telecom-related bills per year, and smaller businesses spending significant hours on billing each year, it is no wonder companies are turning to automated TEM systems.

A TEM (telecom expense management) service will check your bills, manage your inventory, automate contracts and billing, and integrate with accounting.

Avoid Paying for Services You Don’t Need

No company ever wants to throw money away for products and/or services that they simply do not need.  These are wasted expenses and it can really be a drag on the bottom line of any business.  In order to achieve telecommunication cost reduction, one tactic is to get a full understanding of your actual invoice you receive every month.  Audit the invoice to determine whether or not you are being charged correctly, as well.

You would be surprised just how many businesses realize that they are paying bills that are simply inaccurate.  In the end, you should have an understanding of your bill and only paying for what you actually need.

Optimize – Reduce Telecom Expenses

Telecommunications cost reduction is a great way to help increase profits and the bottom line of your business.  Turning off devices and lines that are not being used is just one way to optimize your telecom expenses. It may sound simple, but monitoring the usage of thousands of devices can be time consuming and complex.

Telecom consultants can review your current bills and make sure you’re in the right plan for your business needs.


Telecom contract negotiations time is your BEST opportunity to save money


Did you conclude a contract with your provider a year ago or even several years ago?

At the time you most likely negotiated the best possible conditions available to you, but organisations change. Employees come and go. You have meanwhile perhaps increased the number of smartphones and corresponding subscriptions.

Ways in which you can challenge your telecom provider could be to use a request for proposal to go out to the other vendors in the market and see what they can offer you (The Request for Proposal process can typically reduce telecom expense  rates by 15% to 20% over the enterprise’s current contracts).  This could help you have some leverage to go to your current service provider and request a better package or price point.

Some companies are wasting money on inaccurate invoices, paying for products and services they do not need, or just paying way too much money.

Roaming Expenses

Alert specializes in ensuring significant savings on international roaming costs and can tailor specific solutions for our corporate partners.

For companies with employees traveling internationally, the ability to stay connected with mobile devices today is imperative.

Alertify can provide you or your company with diversified, fast, convenient, economical and personalized communication services no matter where are you going.

Our service can be rented for one time, for a longer period or can be bought (which is best solution for a large companies with a lots of employees which travels frequently).


What you can expect from Telecom Expense Services?

  • If you are a fortune 1000 company, you can expect to save hundreds of thousands to potentially millions of dollars in telecom expense by having us examine and reduce your phone bill.
  • If you are a medium sized company, you can likely save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and small companies can expect to save thousands in telephone calls and telecom expense with a thorough telecom cost reduction project from Alert.
  • If you operate a small business, you may be wary of outsourcing any of your administrative tasks. However, more and more small businesses are deciding to outsource their telecom expense management. Allowing a third party to manage your telecom expenses is a smart way to control your expenses and give your company the opportunity for growth.

Reduce telecom expenses and contact ALERTIFY for the professional and efficient telecom expense management services your business needs.


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