How to Prepare for Traveling to a Week 12 NFL Game

Watching a game live from the stands is an incredible experience for any NFL fan. However, traveling to the stadium takes a lot of prep work, especially if you live out of state. You need to prepare ahead of time if you plan to bet on your favorite team. We recommend checking NFL week 12 odds before your trip. This way, you’re well-prepared and can make more informed predictions. NFL Game week 12

Even if you don’t plan to bet on the game, traveling to an NFL game still takes preparation. Follow the guide below to plan your trip to a week 12 game.

Purchase Your Ticket

The first step is purchasing your NFL game ticket. Buying it ahead of time is crucial because seats can sell out quickly, especially for popular matchups. If you’re on a budget, you can wait until closer to the event for a discounted price. Don’t wait too long, though. 


Plan Your Flight

Next, you need to plan your flight using a search engine platform. Compare fares to find the most affordable option. Remember, some airlines offer special options for NFL games. For example, Allegiant has a roundtrip package for any Raiders game

Book Your Hotel

Next, you’ll need to book a hotel. You want to do this in advance because local options fill up quickly as the NFL game day approaches. First, research what hotels are available in the area. Compare what amenities are available, how much they cost, and any extra fees to see which option is the best. 


You should also consider how close the hotel is to the stadium. You don’t want a long drive to and from the game. Traffic will likely be heavy, so the closer you are, the better. 

Pack Your Game-Day Necessities

Next, you’ll need to pack for your tip. In addition to the necessities you’d usually pack for traveling, you’ll have to consider what you want to bring to the stadium. We suggest bringing cash for concessions, bottled water to stay hydrated, and binoculars to see the action. 

If the weather is hot, bring some sunscreen to protect your skin. Of course, you’ll also need to bring your jersey, hat, and other apparel to support your team. Ensure you read the stadium’s policies and bring an approved bag. We recommend using a clear bag as per NFL’s rules. 

Create a Tailgating Group

Finally, we recommend finding some fellow fans of your favorite team to get in the game-day spirit with you. Tailgating is an essential part of the NFL experience you don’t want to miss out on. 

Once you’ve created the group, delegate tasks to each member. This way, you know what each person is bringing. We suggest including portable grills, tables, chairs, and games to keep you entertained. You’ll need to check stadium policies on aspects like alcohol and permitted food containers. 

Conclusion NFL Game week 12

Follow our guide to plan the perfect week 12 NFL game trip. Your day will go smoothly, and you’ll have a ton of fun. Start planning flights and hotel reservations today before all the spots fill up! 


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