How to Create a Professional Explainer Video for your Business?

Professional explainer videos are the gemstones of business marketing. Get these tips on how to make one and if it’s the best option you should consider. How to Create a Professional Explainer Video

Suppose you’re seeking to produce a professional explainer video. In that case, you know how valuable it is to market your products and services. Explainer videos have become a heavily invested avenue in business marketing. With the right tips and guidelines, you can find a way to create an explainer video for yourself. But while you mull over these guidelines, it helps to consider whether creating it yourself is the best option for you.

Why Create an Explainer Video for Your Business?

Explainer videos are excellent tools for promoting your products or services. These clips use a short duration and fluid, eye-catching animation and visuals to describe the best features of a product or service. And as they do so, they also offer certain advantages to the business that make them such a highly- sought marketing strategy. This means adding an explainer video to your landing, home, or social media page will;

  • Stimulate Purchase Emotion,
  • Simplify Complex Problems,
  • Boost SEO,
  • Boost Traffic,
  • Target Users,
  • Increase Sales, and
  • Increase Awareness for your business!

Tips for Creating a Professional Explainer Video

You can create a professional explainer video if you’re willing to source the needed tools. Of course, some knowledge in specific fields like animation, graphics design, filmmaking, and video production helps. But overall, with a bit of guidance, you can find yourself creating something magical.

Decide What Type You Want How to Create a Professional Explainer Video

The first step to making an explainer video for your business is deciding what type you’d like to create. This is important as it determines the manner of production you’ll employ. Generally, there are three ways to go about it;

Live Streams Explainer Videos, which are primarily used on social media. These types are unedited as they’re raw footage, often meaning you have to stick to one take and improvise your lines. But they’re also great for a more humanistic approach to your brand and can be the cheapest;

Live Action Explainer Videos utilise clips of actual people and real-life scenes. These types are best for physical products and people-related services and can be planned like a short film or typical movie set; and

Animated Explainer Videos feature illustrations, cartoons, and graphics. These types can come in 2D, 3D, or whiteboard format and are usually used for intangible products and services like tech or software. Animated explainer videos are currently the most popular style and the easiest to edit and customise.

How to Create a Professional Explainer Video

Prepare a VideoScript How to Create a Professional Explainer Video

The video script is the most crucial element of a professional explainer video, as it is the blueprint of the entire concept. It guides the storytelling process, including every factor involved, from visuals to dialogue and scene transitions. And most importantly, it dictates where best to place the pain points your message looks to address.

When making a killer explainer video script, it helps to keep your audience in mind. That means it should;

  • Quickly express what your product is and does,
  • Reveal the problem,
  • Solve the problem with your product or service,
  • Initiate a call to action, and
  • Prove avenues to gain your trust (testimonies, articles, reviews, recognitions, etc.)

These elements must be appropriately combined to ensure your explainer video script is close to professional.

Plan the Voiceovers

Professional voiceover actors should deliver your dialogue, and you can source for them online or browse a professional platform like Freelancer or Fiverr. These online options may charge as low as $5, but while some are paid per word, others charge by the second. However, experts charge differently, and some may be pricier than others. If you feel your voice is good enough, you can do it yourself to reduce cost.

Produce the Video

Once you have selected your script and preferred voiceover, you can make your explainer video project. And various avenues are available to produce your explainer video, depending on the type you’re making, such as;

  • DIY, if you’re on a low budget and are willing to direct and produce the video. Afterwards, you can edit it on selected video editings software like Camtasia or iMovie. You can also use animation tools like Pow Toon if you’re making an animated explainer video.
  • Freelancers who can help with different high-quality videos at a low cost. But note that this option won’t cover all aspects of animated explainer videos.
  • Professional Explainer Production Companies, with an entire team who can help you properly plan, script, produce and edit your explainer videos at varying costs. Of course, different factors determine how much you’ll pay, ranging from $2000 to $20,000.

Each option can be selected based on your preference and how professional you want the final result to look.

Choose Sound Effects

Your explainer video will need fantastic music and sound effects to look professional. And you can source them from different places online, ranging from YouTube to Audacity, MusOpen, Audio Jungle, and Free Sound. Understanding what each site requires before agreeing to the terms and using sound effects is essential. And if you can afford the budget, hire a music studio to compose a unique sound effect and music for your video.

Best Choice for a Professional Explainer Video

The core purpose of creating an explainer video is to express the best features of your product or service while showing your potential users how experienced you are. It’s why you must ensure it comes out as professional-looking as possible. And while many options listed above help you cut down on cost, they’ll take time and effort to pull through. Plus, the result may not be as top-notch as your business needs, costing you massive returns in traffic and sales.

It’s why delegating an explainer production company is the best way. And Zelios Agency is a great option to use. At Zelios Agency, quality, originality, and creativity are the main focus when making explainer videos for any brand. And the results display captivating animations, powerful illustrations, and undeniably superior content that pulls the interest of every viewer.


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