How Online Providers Have Impacted Casino Tourism

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Casinos and tourism have long been bedfellows. For over 100 years travellers across the US have been visiting casino establishments in cities such as New Orleans and Chicago. Casino Tourism

While initially visitors were travellers just passing through looking for entertainment, the links between casinos and travellers was a sign of things to come. Casino tourism is now an industry which is worth hundreds of millions, making lucrative locations out of places such as Macao, Monte Carlo and Las Vegas.

Right now, casinos are a popular destination for people heading around the world, which is highlighted by the significant revenue they raise in places like Las Vegas each year. It’s clear that guests love the thrill that casino gaming gives them, as there’s not only the thought of potentially winning big, there’s the fun that the games often bring. The locations are often opulent with lots of additional features such as shows, fountains and in the case of some Vegas casinos, even art galleries.

However, while things are looking better now, it’s been a tough few years for casino tourism as it suffered considerably following the onset of the pandemic. Travel restrictions meant that heading off to sunnier climes was off-limits, and casinos had to shut their doors as governments tried to limit the spread of the virus. While Euronews reported that the tourism sector was being helped out with grants, the casino industry was still hit hard, and as a result, online casino platforms grew to new levels. They’ve remained flexible and popular, and have hit physical destinations hard.

These are some of the ways agile online providers have been able to react to impact casino tourism across the world.

Casino Tourism
Selection of games

The growth of virtual platforms means that people don’t have to travel around the world or even into the local cities to enjoy the experience of casino gaming, as the digital casinos have so many options for players to enjoy at the click of a button. Not only are games such as roulette and poker accessible for players, there is also a wide range of different game types and themes for players to enjoy. That might even be by leveraging popular brands to promote games. For example, amongst the online slots featured on Cheeky Bingo, there are games such as Jurassic Park Gold and Ted, which draw from popular Hollywood movies for their themes. These titles are ones that casino gamers may already be familiar with, as the core backdrop for the game has roots in popular culture.

Furthermore, players who log on can now experience live-hosted games akin to TV shows like Deal or no Deal, where the hosts of the games interact with the players in real-time, bringing a new sense of immersion and engagement that was only previously possible in person. These games are not always branded, some have themes, such as Alice in Wonderland, whilst others are just popular casino games like roulette with no frills.


The latest online casino providers don’t limit players to only using home computers to access their services, as they’ve recognised how smartphone users now account for 57% of the world’s gamers. Many casino apps now allow people to log on no matter where they are, using their pocketable devices. It even means that when people do head to a destination with a physical casino, they could still enjoy a gaming session while exploring their destinations without seeking out the local venue. Having such a range of games at your fingertips might cause potential visitors to Vegas or Macao to try somewhere else, knowing they can play their casino games elsewhere.

The games are also fully functional and as appealing on mobile devices as they are on computers, or in the flesh. You can still get a live dealer game on your phone, or the immersive branded experiences offered by the online slots. That accessibility means mobile casino gaming is a viable and acceptable alternative to visiting a real-life establishment.


The nature of everything being virtual allows the online casino industry to embrace the latest developments in tech, and one of the most fast-moving growth areas comes in the form of digital assets. Already providers are looking into introducing them to their payment options for players. Typically, credit and debit cards are the most common payment methods utilised by online businesses, but now casinos online are welcoming cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin into their fold as a way for players to fund their gameplay.

The advantages of this are that not only is the transactional process of moving the funds from the owner to the casino and vice versa extremely secure but also it’s done very quickly, which allows the gamer to continue playing or see their winnings hit their account within the blink of an eye. When compared to the casino, where the player must exchange chips or a cash voucher indicating the winnings with a cashier, it’s another reason why the convenience of online gaming is attracting players.

While the physical casinos continue to recover from the impact of the pandemic, as we’ve shown, the online providers took up the challenge and adapted their offerings to not only thrive but also set up a positive future for years to come.


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