How many GB’s you can get for €30 in EU countries vs US?


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Prices: October 2018
Source: ©    * unlimited plans were assigned with 200

In October 2018 €30 bought a 4G smartphone plan with truly1 unlimited volume in 13 countries (up from 10 in April 2018)
while €20 bought a 4G smartphone plan with truly unlimited volume in 8 countries (up from 4 in April 2018).

Median gigabyte prices in 4 versus 3-MNO markets
̶ Gigabyte prices in 3-MNO European markets are 2x higher than in 4-MNO markets.
̶ Gigabyte prices in 3-MNO EU28 & OECD markets are 81% higher than in 4-MNO markets.

Even though there are 4 MNOs present in the market US gigabyte prices are not competitive.
̶ The US has the 5th highest gigabyte prices in smartphone plans and is the most expensive market in mobile broadband among the 41 EU28 & OECD countries.

The median gigabyte price in US is 16x higher than in a trully competitive 4-MNO large European market

Key development in other markets

  • – Italian gigabyte prices fell 70% (October vs. April 2018) following Iliad’s seismic launch as the new 4th MNO.
    Dutch prices were flattish. After the announcement of the 4 to 3 mobile merger between T-Mobile and Tele2, Dutch gigabyte prices started falling much slower.
    – The 4 to 3 consolidated Austrian market fell further behind during the 2H2018. In December 2012, just before the 4 to 3, Austria was the 3rd most competitive market among EU countries. In October 2018 it has fallen in the 18th place.
    – In Korea, sub-brands of KT Telecom and LG Uplus have started selling smartphone plans for less than €30 with unlimited volume.
    – KT Mobile and Uplussave have been discounting in promotional offers the price of their high-end smartphone plans from ≈49 300 WON (≈€37) to 33 880 WON (≈€26).
    – Despite these new promotional offers, the overall gigabyte price level in Korea remained high (e.g. €20 buys only 3 GB) and hence in the median gigabyte price comparison Korea still ranks as the 3rd most expensive country.


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