How eSIM will change the airtravel industry?

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eSIM or embedded SIM is one of the most anticipated technology in this coming year. It enables users to generate local numbers in a certain country and allowing them to access cheaper cellular and data coverage without much hassle.

This technology revolution will have a big impact on the telecom industry, smartphones, and many other industries including airlines industry. Airlines industry, including national and regional carriers to transport passengers and cargos, have some similarities with the telecom industry in which both deals with carrier serving routes globally.

While traveling abroad, customers must pay exorbitant fees to the telecom operators to maintain their international roaming and data services or the other option would be waiting for WiFi networks which are not always readily available.

For people who are frequent flyers,changing SIM cards might be a troublesome process as we need to eject the sim, put on the new one, doing the settings and make sure the physical sim card to be kept safely.

This might come more beneficial for pilots or stewardess, or even business travelers which part of their job is to travel to multiple countries in a short period of time and the idea of changing sim cards every week might not be appealing.

With eSIM, choosing telecom provider and data services would be easier as it can be set in just a few clicks away, and most probably will have competitive price as it increases the competition between telecom carriers.

With the rise of eSIM, many industries will gradually change as well following it. Flying industry usually equated to a break in communication, as we could not get any connection while we are in the airplanes, and even if they have in-flight WiFi, the price is too expensive and might not satisfy the travelers’ needs.

The reason being is that it has to be pre-approved that it would not interfere with the airline’s system and ground networks. This might be a hassle for some people, especially in long haul flight where they will be off the grid for some time.

With eSIM where it can be planted in any electronic devices, it might be a good option to provide the customers with continuous connection and it can change the industry.

With the implementation of eSIM in electronic devices, people would not worry about being not connected. With the constant connection that eSIM can offer, in the future, it might serve a new service for the airline industry that we have never seen before.


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