Hotel Rates in Liverpool Rise Steeply on Anfield Match Days

Hotel rates in Liverpool rise on average by 74% on days when Liverpool FC play at home, according to a survey conducted by

In order to determine the impact of Premier League games on hotel prices, the survey analysed room rates in towns and cities across the UK from October to December 2019.

For all 20 Premier League clubs, the average price for the most affordable hotel room (3 stars or more) in the city centre on match days was established. Additionally, the average rate increase on a match day, compared to a non-match day, was also calculated.

In Liverpool, supporters have to pay an average of £121 for a room on match days at Anfield. Compared to regular rates, that’s an increase of over 70% – making it the biggest difference recorded among all 20 clubs.

According to Paul Joseph from, “Liverpool FC attracts large numbers of visitors from all around the UK, as well as Europe, for their home games, many of whom choose to spend at least a night in the city. In contrast, Everton F.C., Liverpool’s fierce local rivals, seem to attract a mainly local crowd, as the impact of home games on hotel rates for them is only 8%.”

Other destinations with significant hotel rate increases on match days are: Wolverhampton (+37%), Leicester (+27%) and Burnley (+24%). As there are only a limited number of hotels available in these towns, even a relatively small number of overnight visitors on match days can lead to an increase in hotel rates.

For the five Premier League clubs based in London, all hotels in Central London were considered. Due to the vast choice of hotels on offer, the survey found that match days have no significant impact on rates. Also limited is the impact of Manchester United and Manchester City home games on hotel rates in Manchester, which rise by only 16% and 5%, respectively.

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