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Hot mobil allowed to charge extra for additional EU roaming traffic

Slovenian telecom regulator Akos announced that it has approved a request by MVNO Hot mobil for a derogation from EU roaming rules for 12 months, allowing the operator to apply a surcharge above the use of a certain amount of roaming. hot mobil eu roaming
Hot mobil will apply the charges on SMS, calls and data after customers use a certain amount of their existing bundles while roaming.
The Agency has failed to limit the amount of SMS, the data in the data, and the time allowed to calculate the prize for the above-mentioned storytovers of the amount of the lost amount. The HoT mobile is so easy for the user to use the special tariffs over the sms of SMS, which in the data packet is used for the largest number of users.
It has been argued that HoT mobile does not reduce the volume of fixed storage, which is due to the fact that it has been widely used in the EU, and is more widely used by consumers, and is widely distributed in the EU to the extent of the total volume (in Slovenia). The users have this way to go to the EU on a fair amount of SMS messages in Slovenia, with the difference that they are more than the amount they are charged for, the domestic retail price and are charged according to the total amount of voucher. hot mobil eu roaming
EU rules allow such charges for operators that can show they lose money on providing ‘roam like at home’ services in the EU.


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