Hong Kong telecom regulator raises alert on mobile data roaming charges

twitter Email Print Font Font Watch out for high mobile data roaming charges during summer travels, the telecom regulator said today, to avoid the "mobile bill shock.''

Before leaving Hong Kong, disable the mobile data service and data roaming service functions on mobile devices and request operators to suspend mobile data roaming service, the Office of the Communications Authority advised.

The regulator also said to consider choosing a charge-capped data roaming service plan, and when choosing a daily-rated data roaming service plan (day pass), be mindful of how the daily rate is charged, by checking its starting and ending time, whether the same charge applies to all destinations, and whether the plan is only applicable to a designated network.

Consider hiring pocket wi-fi devices or purchasing pre-paid SIM cards that can be used at the destination; while accessing the Internet or using apps via a wi-fi connection, check frequently to ensure that their mobile devices are not switched to mobile data services, Ofca suggested.

And, to avoid accidental use of mobile data roaming service, consider deactivating the auto download or auto play functions for multimedia content in some apps, especially social media apps; and also consider switching off the automatic update functions for emails, apps and other software.

Here are some important facts about mobile data roaming if you are visiting Hong Kong, as well as information on prices:

  1. Network Coverage: Hong Kong has excellent mobile network coverage, with both 4G and 5G networks widely available throughout the city.
  2. Local Mobile Operators: There are three major mobile network operators in Hong Kong – Hong Kong Telecom (HKT), CSL and SmarTone – each of which offers mobile data roaming services to visitors.
  3. Roaming Services: Visitors to Hong Kong can use mobile data roaming services provided by their home network operators or purchase local SIM cards from one of the local operators.
  4. Prices: Prices for mobile data roaming in Hong Kong vary depending on the visitor’s home network operator and the specific roaming plan chosen. Some home network operators offer roaming plans with unlimited data, while others offer plans with a fixed amount of data usage. Visitors can also purchase local SIM cards with data plans ranging from 1 GB to unlimited data, depending on their needs.
  5. Data Speed: Mobile data speeds in Hong Kong are generally fast and reliable, with 4G and 5G networks providing download speeds of up to 1 Gbps.
  6. Wi-Fi Availability: Hong Kong has a high number of public Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the city, including in shopping malls, restaurants, and public transportation. Some of these hotspots are free, while others require payment or registration.
  7. Additional Charges: Visitors should be aware that additional charges may apply for using mobiIe data roaming services in Hong Kong, including charges for exceeding data limits, making calls or sending text messages, and using premium services.

Overall, visitors to Hong Kong can expect to have a range of mobile data roaming options available to them at varying prices, and should carefully consider their needs and usage patterns before choosing a roaming plan or purchasing a local SIM card.




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