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HK Travellers Can Top Up Octopus Card via iOS, Android

Octopus Card Limited (OCL) has enhanced the Octopus App, enabling iPhone users to top up their Octopus cards and check Octopus transaction records anytime, anywhere. What’s more, customers can link up their O! ePay accounts with Octopus cards to transfer funds in and out and enjoy a wide array of Octopus services, including online shopping, bill payments, purchasing monthly bus passes etc.

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Octopus App and O! ePay customers using iPhone can simply enter their Octopus number into the Octopus App and tap their Octopus cards at the top of their iPhones where the NFC antenna is located, to complete the registration process. Then, they can enjoy diverse Octopus services enabled by the opening of iPhone’s NFC function, including:

  1. Instant top-up to Octopus cards – After setting up electronic Direct Debit Authorisation (eDDA) through the Octopus O! ePay, customers can instantly top up their registered Octopus cards via the Faster Payment System (FPS), saving them the need to queue for cash top-ups. Banks that support the eDDA service include HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Bank of China (Hong Kong) and Standard Chartered Bank;
  2. Enquiry – Customers can review their Octopus card balances and recent transaction records, as well as easily register for the past 3 months’ spending records enquiry service;
  3. Collect Public Transport Fare Subsidy – Customers can easily and conveniently check their monthly public transport expenses and collect the subsidy-eligible under the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme by tapping their Octopus cards onto their iPhones; and
  4. Using O! ePay Mastercard for online shopping – Customers can simply tap their Octopus cards onto their iPhones to transfer money to their O! ePay account to shop globally at online merchants accepting Mastercard, offering them hassle-free and secure online shopping experiences.

“iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in Hong Kong,” said Mr. Sunny Cheung, Chief Executive Officer of OCL. “With the recent opening up of NFC function, iPhone customers can now enjoy all services provided by the Octopus App. While there are many different channels for customers to top up their Octopus cards, instant topping up through the Octopus App remains the most popular feature. If these customers have linked their designated bank accounts with O! ePay account and Octopus cards, they can enjoy all-round uninterrupted fast, simple and seamless Octopus services, including online and offline payments, topping up Octopus cards, enquiry service and collecting public transport fare subsidies, making their everyday life easier.”

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