Hong Kong regulator issues guidelines on new Sim registration requirements

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Hong Kong ‘s Communications Authority has issued guidelines for mobile service providers on registering the personal details of all Sim card holders. hong kong sim card registration



Upon commencement of the Regulation on Date 1, the registration of SIM cards is implemented in two phases with the timeline shown in Figure 1 below. hong kong sim card

hong kong sim card registration
Figure 1: Timeline of Implementation Schedule hong kong sim card registration
A licensee shall make ready the relevant SIM card registration procedures to enable its users to complete registration for their SIM cards through different registration channels (licensee’s retail shops, licensee’s online platform accessible through Internet or mobile app, etc.) and provide the necessary assistance to the users to complete the
registration. For pre-paid SIM cards, a licensee shall provide for remote registration by users online as one of the registration channels.

Requirements during Phase 2 hong kong sim card registration

Registration for New Pre-paid and Service Plan SIM Cards

From Date 2, all new SIM cards (including new pre-paid SIM cards and new service plan SIM cards) are required to be registered before service activation. A licensee shall ensure that with effect from Date 2, any new SIM card provided by it for access to a telecommunications service in Hong Kong cannot be activated unless the SIM card has been registered in accordance with the requirements specified in clause 4 below.

A licensee shall provide reasonable means to differentiate the new pre-paid SIM cards to be sold on or after Date 2 from the existing pre-paid SIM cards which are sold before that date, and ensure that all new pre-paid SIM cards provided by it for sale in the market starting from Date 2 are provided with –
(a) clear instructions to enable registration by the users before the pre-paid SIM cards can be activated for access to  a telecommunications service supplied in Hong Kong by a licensee;

(b) without prejudice to clause 3.3.2(a) above, an express notice that “Real-name registration is required before use” and “使用前須 實名登記” should be printed or affixed on the product packaging of the SIM cards; and

(c) the full company name (i.e. not brand name) of the licensee on the product packaging of the SIM cards.

Registration for Existing Pre-paid SIM Cards

All existing pre-paid SIM cards are required to be registered within the 360 days of Phase 2 and in any event before Date 3 if the cards are intended for continuous use on or after Date 3. An existing pre-paid SIM card means a pre-paid SIM card where the licensee concerned has provided or given (whether or not by way of sale) the SIM card, or the right to use the SIM card, to another person immediately before Date 2.
For the purposes of the Guidelines, “another person” in the definition of an existing pre-paid SIM card refers to an end customer of the licensee on a retail level, or a reseller, distributor, dealer or consignment agent of the licensee on a wholesale level.

Types of SIM Card Users to be Registered

A registration platform set up for the purpose of the Regulation shall enable registration of the specified information of four types of SIM card users, namely –
(a) individual user aged 16 or above; hong kong sim card
(b) individual user aged below 16;
(c) organisation user holding a valid business registration certificate or valid branch registration certificate; and
(d) organisation user not holding any valid business registration certificate or valid branch registration certificate.


Registration Channels hong kong sim card registration

A licensee shall provide at least one of the following online registration channels to facilitate its users in making registration of pre-paid SIM cards –
(a) online registration via a mobile phone using the pre-paid SIM card to be registered;
(b) online registration via a mobile app; and/or
(c) online registration via a computer by accessing the thematic website of the licensee.

In addition to online registration, a licensee may also provide in-person registration at its retail shops for registration of pre-paid SIM cards.


Verification of the Registered Information

A licensee shall, with its reasonable endeavour and similar to any of its current practice for service plan SIM cards, check and verify the information provided by its users for SIM card registration using one or more of the following methods –
(a) face-to-face verification by cross checking with the originalidentity document of the user;
(b) use of the optical character recognition (“OCR”) technology toautomatically extract the information from the original identity document of the user scanned online;
(c) manual visual checking with the information inputted by the user and the original identity document scanned online;
(d) online verification via the “iAM Smart9 platform; and/or
(e) any specific method proposed by the licensee and accepted byOFCA.

Foreign SIMs exempt hong kong sim card registration

The measure will “plug the existing loophole” in the use of anonymous SIM cards and assist authorities in detecting crimes, the government said in a statement.

However, foreign SIM cards with roaming enabled will be exempt from the regulation.

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