HKBN introduced Global Talk+ service

Make free calls anywhere with home phone number on mobile

Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (“HKBN”) announced the launch of the brand-new Global Talk+ service, which lets subscribers switch to HKBN and keep their home phone numbers without the need to physically install a fixed phone line.


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Global Talk+ changes everything by putting the home phone onto a smartphone for unprecedented mobility at just HK$28 per month. Delivering more than just a home phone, Global Talk+ gives users the power to make calls from anywhere in the world to Hong Kong numbers and receive calls from anywhere for free^.

3 Key Features of Global Talk+ 

Switch & keep home phone number

For just HK$28/month*, subscribers can switch from their existing home telephone service provider and keep their phone numbers for calling through the Global Talk+ app. No need to install a fixed phone line, and avoid paying expensive fees.

Pick up and call with home number for free^ when overseas

Make calls to Hong Kong (to both fixed and mobile numbers) and receive calls to your home phone number for free via Global Talk+ app when travelling^. Say goodbye to expensive voice roaming charges.

Make calls to overseas number at special IDD rates

Enjoy special rates anywhere in the world on IDD 0030 when making IDD calls via Global Talk+ app.

Take your home phone anywhere for just HK$28 per month

For many families, keeping a fixed phone line can cost over HK$100 per month. At just HK$28* per month, Global Talk+ allows subscribers to take their current home phone number (or get a brand-new home phone number from HKBN) anywhere in the world (no fixed phone line installation necessary). Powered by a seamless user experience, Global Talk+ subscribers can travel the world and make calls to any Hong Kong number or receive calls from anywhere for free via users’ smartphones^. As a special offer, current HKBN Home Telephone subscribers can enjoy Global Talk+ service for just HK$8* per month.

Save big on voice roaming

On travels, Global Talk+ lets subscribers save big on expensive voice roaming charges. With a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, Global Talk+ is a life-saver when thorny situations arise and require calling a travel agency, insurance agent or airline back in Hong Kong — free on Global Talk+^. Likewise, the service works great for restaurant or hotel reservations when abroad, as Global Talk+ subscribers enjoy special rates via IDD 0030. For more details about Global Talk+ and its features, please visit

HKBN Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer — Resident Solutions Elinor Shiu said, “Global Talk+ redefines the home telephone. Our ground-breaking service allows users to switch and keep their home phone numbers at an amazing price, enjoy the ‘go anywhere’ convenience of mobile phones with their home numbers, and save big on roaming charges. Through this easy-to-use service, we’re helping customers fulfill many different needs.”

Brand-new Global Talk+ service


Global Talk+

Global Talk+ and

Fixed home telephone line

Monthly fee


(Current HKBN Home Telephone subscribers to enjoy the service for just HK$8/month)

Average HK$64*

(Average monthly fee takes into account 6-month fee waiver and HK$400 Live Smart e-Voucher)

Contract period

24 months

24 months

Value added services

  • Call waiting
  • Caller display
  • Block-the-blocker

^ Data connection is required. Extra charges may apply when the user is connected via data network instead of Wi-Fi. Free calling for calls made to Hong Kong numbers, and all incoming calls to the user’s home telephone number. Dialling 900-prefixed numbers will incur additional relevant charges

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