Helsinki described as ideal city for raising children in new world ranking

Berlin comes 20th, London comes 55th, New York comes 69th, Madrid comes 71st, Paris comes 79th and Rome comes 129th

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The Finnish capital is ranked first in the world’s cities for having a family and ideal city for raising children, according to a study performed by Movinga.

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Parental leave, educational quality, healthcare, employment rates, air quality, kid-friendly activities… In all, 16 criteria were taken into account for this study, which was carried out between October 23 and November 19, 2019 in order to determine the world’s best cities for having a family. No fewer than 150 destinations were analyzed.

The countries of Scandinavia are often considered to be models for society, and in this ranking there is no exception. Helsinki, Finland wins the gold medal in this study and Oslo, Norway takes the bronze.

It appears that it’s best to bet on countries where temperatures don’t climb high for the best possible conditions for raising children. Canada’s Quebec City is ranked in second place, and the rest of the overall top 10 are Munich, Germany (4th), Copenhagen, Denmark (5th place), Stockholm, Sweden (6th), Reykjavik, Iceland (7th), Calgary (8th) and Montreal (9th) in Canada, and Gothenburg, Sweden (10th).

American cities came in tops for kids’ activities with Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco taking the top three places for that criterion, while Singapore, Calgary and Vancouver were rated highest for education.

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