Can you monetize your website with FlexOffers?

If you’re looking for ways to increase your revenue online, affiliate marketing is one way that works. You can add a referral program to your existing business, or refer people to others’ products and services–they both work.

Unfortunately, when you’re getting into affiliate marketing, there’s so much information to filter thru!  It can be confusing and time-consuming.  There’s affiliate programs, affiliate networks, different payment terms, and a plethora of products.  There’s lots of decisions to make.

Then, if you spend too much time laying a bad foundation in your affiliate efforts, it can take you even longer to get the revenue and results you want. It\’s important to align yourself with affiliate programs that offer good terms for your business and products that resonate with your customers–that\’s where networks like Flexoffers comes in.

FlexOffers is a service that provides affiliates with a network of publishers and advertisers. The company provides a host of benefits for affiliates through various affiliate programs, cutting across a variety of industries.

As an affiliate working with Flexoffers, there’s lots of different commission options, different products, and niches that can be supported at Flexoffers, but do they pay well? Do they pay on time? Are they easy to work with? Are the affiliate managers helpful?

The company hosts almost 12,000 advertisers for publishers to choose from. There are also a variety of benefits for advertisers who wish to sign up for the platform’s services. The platform has a simple enough procedure for signing up to its services and offers a host of benefits for publishers or affiliates, some of which will be reviewed in the sections to follow.

Once you sign up here and get approved then you can find advertisers. FlexOffers network is connected with tens of thousands of publishers and advertisers.

Quality of Offers

The quality of offers on Flex Offers is based entirely on the mechanism and features provided by the service. All affiliates can avail the benefits of Publisher Pro Features 2.0. This is the new and improved affiliate network that has been designed to make business transactions a lot easier on the platform. The platform claims to have the latest offers, products, promotions, and online-only offers that are provided by niche advertisers and some of the biggest brands in the market. As has been evidenced above, the brands and advertisers that have signed up with the service cut across industries so the offers for publishers and affiliates are varied. You will probably use only a couple out of almost 12,000 advertisers (depending on your niche), but in an offer that contains names like Samsung, Verizon, Lenovo, Dell, OralB, Hilton, Vodafone, RayBan, Revolut, Nike etc. everyone will find something for themselves.

How Do You Make Money with Flexoffers?

There’s more than one way to make money with Flexoffers: more sales for an existing business, as a CPA offer, or as a cost-per-sale offer. Flexoffers makes it easy to choose between cost-per-lead offers and cost-per-sale offers. When you’re looking at their advertisers, they give you the ability to sort them based on the payout type.

As of this writing, you’ll see a menu in their Advertisers tab that looks something like this…

what is flexoffers scam legit review

Cost-Per-Action or Cost-Per-Lead

Cost-per-action offers are any offers that pay for an action. Duh. Lol. To explain more…
CPA offers typically include exchanging information rather than simply paying for sales. In most cases, advertisers request leads to give their name, email address, and answer a few questions. When the information is given to the advertiser, Flexoffers tracks the transaction, and credits the affiliate a commission for referring the lead.


Cost-per-sale programs work similarly, however, rather than simply paying for the lead, they only pay for the sale.  As an affiliate, your responsibility would be to:
  • Promote the products to a relevant audience
  • and, Get a sale for the advertiser
In exchange for the sale, you’d earn a commission (a percentage of the sale).
The majority of the programs offered at Flexoffers are cost-per-sale, they vary in commission percentages, and they also vary in the average price of a product or service.


Unfortunatelly, we choose Cost-Per-Click offer as main and put a lot of efforts and time into it.

pay per click

SimpliSafe is advertiser which was paying $0.26/click and it went well until – sudden stop! The advertiser reportedly stopped working with pay per click, but forgot to inform publishers.  And it lasted a month and a half: we sent them traffic for nothing.

In the meantime, when asked what is ging on, we were even suspended – completely disabled in operations for at least 2 weeks. Our account is restored now but 45 days are irretrievably lost. And even after we become functional again, nobody said a word about policy change. Which is in this case pretty much important. Information about the change in the program we found out when we contacted Flexoffers, which is not very commendable for them and their attitude towards publishers! The inquiry about this change and why it wasn’t communicate  was sent on November 22. We got answer on December 6th: “The change was in effect since late October but was not displayed properly, as you said”.

Not very flattering for any of them.

FlexOffers Payouts (Terms and Options)

Affiliates get paid every month on NET 60 terms. To put it simply, it means that if you earned a commission during April, it will be processed 60 days later, in July. For example, if the payment is processed on July 31, it will be issued within the first week of the following month – meaning between 1-7 August. There is a stipulated payment threshold you need to meet for payments to be issued.

Is FlexOffers Trustworthy?

After this experience with SimpliSafe and their forgoting to tell that will not pay for clicks as they promised and sending traffic for a month a half  for nothing, we have all rights to be a bit suspicious. To communication, to transparency, to payment estimates, to protecting publishers…

Before that we would say that FlexOffers is a company that can be trusted.

It is a large affiliate network with advertisers from a variety of verticals offering publishers business. The platform has a good reputation among clients and the larger affiliate network. It offers:

  • Timely payouts (after 60 days!)  if you reach the defined threshold
  • Support during regular business hours
  • A clean design for the dashboard, suitable for both desktop and mobile use

Apart from some of the things mentioned above, which any standard affiliate program should offer, the platform also offers existing publishers the opportunity to refer new publishers.

At the end of this story, the answer to the question in the title is: YES, you can monetize your site with FlexOffers.

Start here.

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  • Range of Offers
  • Quality of Offers
  • Payouts
  • Support
  • Trustworthiness

5 stars: exceptional; 4 stars: good; 3 stars: acceptable, 2 stars: bad; 1 star: avoid

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  1. tony15 says

    I’m using FlexOffer for a few years, and generally, I’m satisfied.Two months waiting for money is definitely too long period! What about pay per click experience?

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