Happy birthday, dear mobile! 40 years anniversary of Ericsson 1G

As Ericsson and Telia reflect on the impact of the launch of their first-generation mobile network 40 years ago, it highlights just how far the telecommunications companies have come to still be at the forefront of 5G technology

On October 1, 1981, Telia and Ericsson launched Europe’s first 1G mobile network  — helping to kick off a technology wave which would change the world as we knew it. first mobile phone

As the collaboration continues to thrive with 5G, and with 100 live 5G networks about to be reached by Ericsson, more milestones are likely to follow.

It all started in Hammarby, a suburb of Stockholm, where Telia and Ericsson flicked the first switch in the Nordic Mobile Telephony (NMT) network, 1G, on October 1, 1981. It laid the foundation for mobile communication and spread like wildfire all over the world.

By 1985, the network had grown to 110,000 subscribers in the Nordics, making it the world’s largest mobile network. Today, 5.2 billion people worldwide rely on the Ericsson and Telia innovation, and the companies will likely change the world again by leading the development of the fifth-generation mobile network, 5G.

Continuing the technology revolution first mobile phone


Rather than contemplating their achievement, the telecommunications partners are looking to continue to create game-changing waves on a global scale – this time by leading the development of the fifth-generation mobile network, more commonly known as 5G.

Arun Bansal, President of Europe and Latin America, Ericsson, says: “Every historical event begins with a first step. Today, we celebrate Ericsson and Telia taking that all-important first step that led to modern connectivity as we know it. Since then, every generation of mobile telephony has brought innovation that has shaped and changed the world. We’re so proud to have been there every step of the way – and look forward to the ongoing journey ahead.”

Allison Kirkby, President and CEO, Telia Company, says: “Telia and Ericsson’s collaboration is one of a kind, and together we’ve pushed technology boundaries for more than a century, making the Nordic and Baltics the world’s most connected region. 5G will unleash a new wave of innovation and creativity, reinventing the way we experience all things digital.

As a catalyst for digital transformation, 5G will continue to enable the possibility for use cases that couldn’t be done before and is now redefining how many of us envision the future both at home and in the workplace.


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