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The Hague launches secure WiFi with Publicroam

The Hague is the first municipality to offer the new Publicroam WiFi service. Visitors to the Haagse Markt, the largest commodity market in the Netherlands, can use secure WiFi from today. The service was officially launched on Wednesday 14 November. hague wifi

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With public roam everyone can go online safely and easily”, according to initiator Paul Francissen. “You create a free account once and then you automatically go online wherever publicroam is available.”

Secure WiFi access

Publicroam offers a secure solution to easily access a guest WiFi network. Visitors log in once. After activating the account on their smartphone, laptop or tablet, they automatically go online at all publicroam locations.

The advantage of publicroam is that people no longer need to use public WiFi networks. They are therefore less vulnerable to attacks by hackers who can listen in relatively easily on public WiFi networks. “For any organization that takes secure access to Wi-Fi seriously, publicroam is an excellent application for making this happen,” says Ted Dinklo of publicroam.

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The Municipality of The Hague supports the safe use of WiFi. The Hague Market is therefore the first location with publicroam. In the coming months, the municipality will make publicroam available in all its own buildings.

Rollout publicroam

Publicroam is a follow-up to the services eduroam (secure Wi-Fi for students worldwide) and govroam (secure Wi-Fi for civil servants via a national government network). Publicroam wants to start a movement to offer safe and easy access to guest wifi throughout the Netherlands.

Other parties that are already participating are Wigo4it, a cooperation of the G4 municipalities in the field of information provision, and ECP, the platform for the information society. In the coming months, the service will be rolled out further to other municipalities and public organizations such as museums, hospitals and libraries.


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