Habit Launches New App To Keep Your Personalized Nutrition On Track

Redesigned app combines personalized nutrition recommendations with tracking features to help you eat right wherever you are

Habit launched a new and improved app today that helps customers build lifelong eating habits. With evidence-based recommendations and tracking features, the new app makes it even easier to follow your nutrition plan, whether dining out, shopping for groceries, or cooking at home.

The app shows you a clear view of your recommended foods, including your ideal plate, daily food guide, top-ranked foods in each food group, and personalized recipes. You can now log your eating patterns, meals, weight and more to track your journey to better nutrition.

To help you make changes that last, the app also suggests new eating habits for you, based on your health markers and weight goal. The habit-building feature nudges you to stay on track with helpful reminders. You can also connect your Fitbit® product to your Habit account and your plan will update based on your activity.

The new Habit app is available on iOS and Android. Existing customers should update their app to take advantage of the new features.

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