GoTo electric scooters malta

GoTo Global Expands Offer with Malta electric scooters

GoTo, a multimodal shared mobility service present in 13 cities in 3 countries with over 1.7 million rides in 2019, is adding to its Maltese fleet of 200 cars and an additional 300 electric scooters as it focuses on providing an end-to-end shared mobility service able to become an alternative to private car ownership. More about GoTo electric scooters in Malta is below.

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Introduced to Malta in 2018, over 200,000 trips and 1.8 kilometers were covered using the GoTo cars. The GoTo team expects similar enthusiasm for its scooters.

Gil Laser, CEO GoTo Global, said: “We are excited to see our vision for an ultimate multimodal mobility experience coming to life with the launch of our scooter fleet in Malta. We will keep adding more mobility modes in Malta and other countries striving to reduce dependency on privately owned cars.”

Scooters are smaller, lighter, more traffic-friendly, and easier to park, which makes them particularly handy for shorter trips. During the closed pilot, GoTo witnessed a large number of trips that were proportionally shorter than what the company was used to with its one-way and round-trip carsharing services, especially in more congested urban areas.

CEO of GoTo MaltaGordon Bugeja, said: “This reinforces our belief that we’ll be serving our customers even better by adding different solutions targeting multiple forms of transportation needs via a single platform, enabling a seamless multimodal mobility experience.”

The company believes that in the long run, shared mobility solutions will continue to rise, as they provide a more sustainable solution for people to move around while reducing transportation expenses, traffic levels, and resource waste since private cars tend to stay parked over 80% of the time. GoTo electric scooters malta

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