Google Fi Now Works With Most Androids and iPhones

In the past, Google’s MVNO was only compatible with a select number of smartphones, which were specifically built to work on the Google Fi network. Google announced a major expansion of its Project Fi smartphone plan and as of today, iPhone and iPad users and the majority of Android devices are also able to take advantage of Fi, with a new iOS app available with setup steps.

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Project Fi, which is being renamed “Google Fi” alongside the expansion of the service, is designed to provide hassle-free cellular service with perks like international data coverage at an affordable price.

If you’re interested in switching to Google Fi, the service starts at $20/month with unlimited calling and texting and a $10 additional charge for every GB of data you use. The additional data charges are capped at $60/month even if you use more than 6GB of data, essentially giving you an unlimited talk, text and data line for $80/month.

There are, however, some restrictions.  While iMessage functions fine, sending texts to non-iPhones requires configuring some settings, and voicemails will not be able to take advantage of the visual voicemail feature in iOS. Voicemails will instead be available as text messages, and you’ll need to call to check them. Google Fi’s network switching feature and VPN do not work on iOS.

Today only, whether you’re new to Fi or already one of Google Fi’s subscribers, when you buy a phone from Google Fi, you can vacation on it, too. For any phone you purchase, you’ll receive the same value back in your choice of travel gift cards, which you can spend on flights with Delta and Southwest or lodging with Airbnb and hotels.com.

Alternatively, if you’d rather set up Google Fi on your current phone, you’ll earn $200 of Fi service credit when you sign up today.

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