Google Voice spam calls

Google Voice will alert you to possible spam calls

Automated call services, namely from telesales operators, can be inconvenient, but they are starting to be identified. In conventional telecoms, suspicious numbers are already identified, and it is up to the user to confirm whether they are spam. Google intends to do the same with its Voice service. Google Voice spam calls

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The company says it intends to help users protect themselves against unwanted calls, especially potential scams. And for that reason, whenever it detects a call with suspected spam, it starts to identify it when the smartphone rings. The manufacturer explains that this identification is made through advanced artificial intelligence, capable of managing billions of spam calls per month in the Google ecosystem.

As of this week, alerts will be gradually updated in the application globally. Users can confirm that the suspicious call is indeed spam, which causes future calls from that number to be directly redirected to voicemail. The history of these calls is placed in a spam folder. On the other hand, if said call is not considered spam by the user, the corresponding tag disappears and will never be associated with that number again.

What’s changing Google Voice spam calls

To help protect you from unwanted calls and potentially harmful scams, Google Voice shows a “suspected spam caller” label on all calls that Google believes to be spam. Google makes this determination using the same advanced artificial intelligence that identifies billions of spam calls each month across Google’s calling ecosystem.
The new labels appear on the incoming call screen and in the user’s call history. Users can either:
  • Confirm a suspected spam call, which causes future calls from that number to go directly to voicemail and call history entries to be put in the spam folder
  • Mark a labeled call as not spam, after which the suspected spam label is never displayed for that number again

Getting started

  • Admins: There is no admin control for this feature.
  • End users: Suspected spam labeling appears automatically when the Voice spam filter setting (Settings > Security > Filter spam) is OFF. When spam filtering is ON, all calls that Google identifies as spam are automatically sent to voicemail, and the call entry is put into the spam folder.

Users can turn the spam filter on and off. In the settings, security option and spam filter, if it is turned off, user warning labels are generated. If it is turned on by default, Google automatically blocks the call, sending it to the spam folder. The service is available globally.



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