Google Maps is The Most Downloaded Travel App in 2021

Google Maps was named the most downloaded travel app worldwide in 2021, as millions of travelers use the app to find businesses, get real-time driving, walking, local transport navigation.

Google Maps app is downloaded 106 million times, whereas Uber ranked at second place downloaded 94 million times. app ranked 63 million times.

When it comes to the most downloaded travel app in the United States last year, Uber took the top place with 31 million U.S. downloads. Lyft and Hopper followed Uber as the second and third most downloaded apps in the country. The results are according to a study by apptopia.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Travel Apps in 2021 (Worldwide)

1. Google Maps (106 million)

2. Uber (94 m)

3. (63 m)

4. Google Earth (57 m)

5. Airbnb (44 m)

6. DiDi (27 m)

7. Bolt (25 m)

8. Lyft (23.3 m)

9. Where is my Train (23.1 m)

10. Grab (23 m)


Top 10 Most Downloaded Travel Apps in 2021 (United States) 

1. Uber (31 million)

2. Lyft (20 m)

3. Hopper (15 m)

4. Airbnb (12 m)

5. (11 m)

6. Vrbo (10 m)

7. Google Earth (9.9 m)

8. Expedia (8.9m)

9. American Airlines (8.5m)

10. Fly Delta (7.7 m)


When it comes to Online Travel Agency (OTA) apps,, Airbnb, and Hopper ranked at the top worldwide, while in the United States, Hopper took the top spot followed by Airbnb and in the second and third place respectively.

Of the top 10 most-downloaded online travel agency apps around the world, Expedia Group accounted for four of them, namely Expedia (4), Vrbo (6), Trivago (7), and (tied for 8).

Expedia Group claims to be reorienting the company towards mobile.

“And then on the traveler side, we haven’t really been an app-first company,” Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern said at an investor conference in early December. “We will now be an app-first company, including all the goodness that comes with a tool that is with you for your whole trip, it keeps you informed, that keeps you informed in the shopping path.”


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