Google is expanding The Project Fi Lineup with 3 new phones

Project Fi is Google’s answer to a simple and fast wireless experience with the benefits of international roaming at no extra cost. Project Fi Lineup

However, the topmost requested option from Fi users is more choices of Fi-friendly phones: until now, customers could only choose between Pixel phones, Nexus phones, and the Moto X4.

Now Google is expanding Project Fi phone line-up with three new phones; Moto G6, LG V35 ThinQ and LG G7 ThinQ.

he Moto G6 costs $199 through Project Fi and is currently available to preorder through the Fi website, while the G7 ThinQ and the V35 ThinQ will come to Project Fi next month with a $50 Fi service credit for each preorder.

Google’s Project Fi combines four different networks to provide coverage to its subscribers. Using Wi-Fi, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular towers, Project Fi enabled phones switch between networks without any interaction required on the users part. That is why device options have always been limited for Project Fi users.

Project Fi’s monthly plans start at $20 for unlimited voice and text, with each gigabyte of data costing $10.

In January, Google announced Bill Protection for Google Fi users. Essentially, users are still billed in one-gigabyte increments at $10 per GB, but with a cap of $60 in data charges. After that, a user can use up to 15GB of total data (including what was billed) before experiencing throttled speeds or purchasing more data.

Project Fi also works internationally in 170 countries around the world with no additional cost for data use or texting. You can call at a flat rate to any number while on the cellular networks abroad, or pay much lower rates when calling on Wi-Fi. You can also call back home to the U.S. on Wi-Fi for free. Data used internationally just comes out of your standard $10 per gigabyte bucket, but speeds can vary depending on the country you’re in.

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