Google Fi enables iPhone eSIM on latest models

Google’s wireless network, Google Fi, can now be activated on an iPhone via eSIM, as spotted by 9to5Google. That means you can use a Google Fi number on your iPhone in addition to your phone number that’s hooked up to the physical SIM card that sits in the SIM tray in your iPhone. It also means you can get a Google Fi number without having a SIM card mailed to you or having to buy one at a retail store like Best Buy.

Google offers two types of plans for Google Fi: a flexible plan, which has a lower base monthly rate for unlimited calls and texts but requires you to pay an additional $10 for every gigabyte of data you use per month, and an unlimited plan, which has a more expensive but consistent monthly fee that lets you use unlimited data (with some caveats) in addition to unlimited calls and texts.

However, Google Fi for iOS is in beta, meaning that the wireless service doesn’t have all of the same features as it does on Android phones that are designed for the service, such as the Pixel 4. You’ll have to tweak your iPhone’s settings to be able to send texts to phones that aren’t iPhones, for example, and you won’t be able to use Google Fi’s VPN.

Earlier this year – on April 1st, 2020, mind you – Google Fi relaxed data limits temporarily during our (still active, probably for a long time) global pandemic. Where the Google Fi Flexible and Unilmited plans were normally 15 or 22GB of data a month before throttling speeds, now the new cap before throttling is 30GB.

As it was then, it remains now, that Google Fi is working with a limited team for support during this age of social distancing. Google reminded users that it’s best if they work with online transactions rather than attempting to hit up physical stores for support and/or purchasing of service.

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