GoMoWorld officially launches in Italy

The GoMoWorld global roaming app launched last month in Ireland and other countries is now officially available in Italy, where it uses the Iliad Italia network. GoMoWorld Italy

GoMoWorld, a revolutionary new roaming connectivity app is set to change the way people connect across the globe. GoMoWorId is unique; by downloading one simple app travellers will unlock a world of endless adventure, by harnessing the power of embedded mobile eSIMs. Users can automatically connect to the best available networks, including 5G, across 160 countries around the world, and be assured they will access roaming at the best possible value.

Stay Connected While Travelling with GoMoWorld

GoMoWorld is the latest innovation from the world of entrepreneur and telecom operator Xavier Niel, the owner of Monaco Telecom, Salt Mobile SA, eir Ireland and founder of Station F – the world’s largest start-up campus. Incredible roaming value is just one app download away. From just €3.99, customers will enjoy global, SIM-free data carried over the best available local mobile networks, without ever having to worry about roaming allowances.

Heloise Abraham, Director GoMoWorld: “We all know the stress of landing in a new country after a long flight and worrying about finding your transfer, your accommodation, and having no mobile connection. GoMoWorld was created to put an end to that stress! By leveraging the expertise of our telecommunications partners within NJJ Holdings portfolio we were able to build something truly unique, and truly customer-centric. Based on years of mobile expertise and market research our team in eir Ireland built GoMoWorld, to an unanswered need of global travellers, great value, and seamless data connectivity.

We created GoMoWorld with the needs of our customers at its core, there is no need to change numbers or install a new SIM card. One app provides all of the data required to explore the world. Customers retain full control of spend, with the app providing oversight of usage. We have partnered with the best mobile networks across the globe, from [Australia to Vietnam] and this is just the beginning, we will continue to add more destinations and more devices as GoMoWorld expands.

Global Service, Local Connection GoMoWorld Italy

GoMoWorld has partnered with the very best local mobile service providers globally, ensuring customers automatically connect to the best possible service, available in that region. Travelling through Canada or the UAE and wanting to share your experiences with your loved ones at home, a 5G data connection will enable users to share the vivid, real-time colours and sounds of a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Through GoMoWorld customers can choose to live like a local, and connect to the very best 4G and 5G networks wherever they roam.

Innovative Technology

The unique aspect of GoMoWorld is that one app unlocks a world of connected travel. The user experience is seamless, harnessing the power of the embedded eSIM, a function of recent smartphone devices users can change mobile network carrier, data, or service plan through software, without the need of a new SIM or mobile phone. Please see the list of compatible devices below.

Unbeatable Value: GoMoWorld offers unbeatable value and there are no hidden costs or subscriptions

Full Control

Stay connected exactly as at home. As data is pre-purchased there will be no ‘bill shock’ to ruin travel plans and there are no subscriptions or hidden fees. GoMoWorld keeps users fully informed about data usage and notifications before the data allowances are complete, ensuring customers have the knowledge they need to stay connected.

Simplicity GoMoWorld Italy

Customers can roam like home simply, by downloading the app, choosing a planned destination and activating the eSIM. There is no need to visit a physical store or wait for the arrival of a new SIM card. GoMoWorld provides customers with a range of great value prepaid data plans with entry-level from just €3.99, unlocking a world of great value roaming. GoMoWorld Italy

Among the many destination countries available, GoMoWorld offers 20GB of data for €19.99 in the EU and Australia, and 10GB of data for €19.99 in the USA, ensuring customers can retain access to affordable data roaming. Access to great value roaming is simple, download the GoMoWorld app before setting off travelling and connect from the moment of touchdown, visit

GoMoWorld is available to download now on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. To see GoMoWorld destination availability visit:

Devices compatible with GoMoWorld include the following, note, new devices and countries are being added all of the time:

  • iPad Air (3rd Generation) WiFi + Cellular
  • iPad Pro (3rd Generation) WiFi + Cellular
  • iPad Mini (5th Generation) WiFi + Cellular
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 series (except FE)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 series (except FE)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G and above



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