Go from “Puppy to Potty Trained™” with App Enhanced, Pee-sensing Dog Diaper

Introducing Dogginz™, the first reusable, app enhanced, pee-sensing diaper system for male dogs and puppies to take stress out of the housebreaking process.

Housebreaking your dog is emotionally draining and stressful for both the pup and the pet parent. And for some dogs, the propensity for indoor marking continues throughout their adult lives, while others develop incontinence.

The intervention options have problems all their own: Confinement in a crate can emotionally scar and become a lifetime prison sentence. Clumsy dog diapers, unsanitary floor mats, and chemical cleaning products are often ineffective and do much harm to the environment. Not to mention, the harsh scolding and all the anxiety over where your dog will mark next inside the home.

As life-long dog owners, the Peece Out team has been there and done that. Determined to find a better solution, we’ve developed a revolutionary dog diaper system that prevents indoor marking, while helping to regulate his tendencies, to get your dog from puppy to potty-trained in record time.

Introducing Dogginz™, the first reusable, app enhanced, pee-sensing diaper system for male dogs and puppies to take stress out of the housebreaking process.

The Dogginz™ difference starts with the anatomically correct, fully-adjustable, and completely comfortable diaper harness. Every aspect of this unique, innovative, and patent pending product was relentlessly refined and expertly engineered to perfectly fit your male dog’s anatomy. And since it’s made from super-soft human-grade LSR silicone, its reusable, easy to clean, safe and comfortable for him to wear, and doggedly durable.

Next, the disposable, skin-soft, dry-wicking pee pads, absorb pee, while keeping him dry and comfortable. Made to the highest standards of quality and absorbency, our pads are easy to use.  Simply place one inside the Dogginz™ pee pocket, and it stays in just the right place. Plus, its diminutive size ensures comfort and helps reduce environmental waste by more than 1300% when compared to competing products.

The result is a happy dog, a dry, clean-smelling home, and a better environment. You will be ecstatic knowing your loyal companion is free to prowl the house — without fouling it.

For the tech savvy, the Dogginz™ wearable adds app-enhanced technology to the standard version, to take housebreaking into the smart phone age. The built-in pee sensor constantly monitors your pet’s potty habits, sending instant notifications and alerts to your phone and assigned caregivers via the Dogginz™ app when pee is detected.

With the Dogginz™ wearable, you’ll have more freedom knowing his routine and peace of mind while apart. Soon, you’ll both be on the same page — and the same potty schedule — achieving the consistency so critical to successful housebreaking. All the while, you’ll see in real time exactly how your dog is doing in waiting for his next potty break outside.

In between, you’ll be giving yourself a break, too, as pet parents.

No more guessing and stressing. Gone will be the anxiety over indoor potty accidents, the need to keep him under constant surveillance, the guilt over crating him, and the sadness that follows scolding him – not to mention the chore of cleaning up the mess.

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