Go City expands opportunity for attraction connectivity with Anchor Operating System

Go City is expanding connectivity solution offerings for its attraction partners. A new partnership with Anchor Operating System will save attractions time and money, and improve the overall customer experience.

Go City recognizes the friction within the attractions space, which has become even more challenging during recovery from the pandemic. From staffing challenges to yield management, investing in new technology such as connectivity solutions are helping to ease the burden on attractions.

Go City Partners with Anchor to Launch New Integration Solutions

Led by Go City’s SVP of Connectivity and Integrations, Jigger Abendano, the company has launched several integration solutions including Direct Connect, which automates an otherwise manual check-in process, allowing Go City customers to scan their pass directly at a kiosk or device rather than requiring a staff member to validate, create an order and issue a ticket. This saves attractions valuable time and staffing requirements and reduces customer touchpoints.

“Go City customers are looking for an easy way to get the most out of their city breaks,” said Abendano. “That’s where we come in. But every attraction operates differently, has different needs and caters to a certain type of traveler. The attractions industry is still very fragmented in their approach to connectivity and integrations, and we see a massive opportunity to expand these partnerships and support our attractions and help our customers.”

“We’re delighted to have this partnership in place as the latest example of our commitment to delivering the best possible experience for customers,” Martin Gee, CTO at Go City added. “We’re excited to onboard dozens more attractions on the Anchor system, which will save attractions time and money, and provide an overall enhanced experience for customers that avoids a queue.”

Go City Partners with Anchor to Launch New Integration Solutions that Improve the Customer Experience

Anchor Operating System has already been instrumental in launching Direct Connect for City Experiences, one of Go City’s attraction providers that operate popular experiences such as the NYC sightseeing ferries. This has already helped hundreds of customers get to their experience faster and easier.

“I am thrilled about our partnership with Go City. By providing seamless connectivity and creating frictionless solutions, we aim to revolutionize the attractions industry, making it more efficient and customer-friendly. Together, we will create amazing experiences for guests and drive positive growth for attractions worldwide.” said Nasi Peretz, President and CTO of Anchor Operating System.

Abendano will continue building Go City’s connectivity partnerships and work directly with attractions to implement the best solutions for them, with multiple other partnerships already in development. Go City believes connectivity within the attractions space is a solvable pain point and will continue to advocate for attractions to implement these solutions.

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