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smartphone as a payment terminal

Gertec app transforms any smartphone into payment terminal

Brazilian developer Gertec has launched Tap2Pay, an application that turns any smartphone with an NFC chip into a payment terminal. The payment terminal uses tap-on-phone technology which, according to Gertec, has passed through several security certifications with the main credit and debit card brands. smartphone as a payment

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The launch of Gertec takes advantage of the proximity payments market, which, according to data from ABECS (Brazilian Association of Credit Card and Services Companies), grew 384.6% in 2021 and reached the level of R$ 198.9 billion. The modality already represents one in four face-to-face transactions.

How it works smartphone as a payment terminal

The solution consists of a mobile application to be installed on the merchant’s smartphone. It is divided into two parts: one for the end user interface and one for communication with the hardware. The application requires devices from Android 9 and that have NFC.

Gertec will sell the solution for acquisition networks in two ways. For smaller companies, the application will be submitted ready, with the customer’s mark and a monthly fee will be paid. For seniors, their SDK will be made available for application creation, with a user license fee. The expectation is that at least 50,000 ‘knock on phone’ licenses will be sold this year.

Gertec is no longer just a hardware company, but a solutions company,” Turuta concludes.

As part of this new strategy, Gertec is also launching a subscription terminal (TaaS) offer, in which it offers the equipment, as well as all their management and maintenance, by paying a monthly fee.

Jorge Ribeiro, CEO of Gertec, explains that Tap2Pay should be seen as an alternative to current payment solutions, but not a replacement. He points out as advantages the low cost and the possibility of immediate use by customers. As there is no specific payment hardware, companies that use the technology will have more flexibility and speed to gain scale.

We observe a very favorable and positive economic and technological scenario for this solution”, comments Ribeiro. The executive says that the future of the payments market will follow the path of digitalization and convergence with cell phones, but emphasizes that the famous machines will still have a long time to live in Brazil.

smartphone as a payment terminal


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