Germans average fixed internet speed rose by 121% in 2019

Germany ranks 33rd in the world in average monthly fixed broadband connection speeds, and 47th for mobile, according to Speedtest Global Index

Germany internet speed was at an average speed of 104 Mbps in 2019, an 121 percent increase from 47 Mbps in 2016, according to a survey carried out by online consumer portal Verivox.


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However, the speed gap between city and country has not closed since then – in the majority of the federal states, it has even increased.
The highest average Germany internet speed was recorded in Mannheim with 144 Mbps, followed by Stuttgart with 140 Mbps, Karlsruhe with 136 Mbps and Wiesbaden with 130 Mbps.

Even in rural regions, consumers are best off in Baden-Württemberg: the 127 Mbit / s booked there, for example, top the speed of the capital Berlin by 28 percent.

Internet customers in the East, on the other hand, surf up to 60 Mbit / s slower than the frontrunner Mannheim. The four major cities with the highest lag are Potsdam and Erfurt with 84 Mbit / s, Magdeburg with 85 Mbit / s and Dresden with 87 Mbit / s. The southeast is also lagging behind when it comes to speed – Bavaria’s capital Munich is in 21st place with 88 Mbit / s, Nuremberg in 20th place (89 Mbit / s).


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