German savings banks switch on support for Apple Pay

After a long hesitation, the savings banks and other German banks are now offering the Apple Pay mobile payment service. More than 50 million people can use the service immediately

10.12.2019, Berlin: Eine Kundin der Hamburger Sparkasse hält ein Mobiltelefon in der Hand, und fügt ihre Kreditkarte zum Bezahldienst Apple Pay hinzu. Am Dienstag starteten 371 Sparkassen in Deutschland, die Commerzbank, die Norisbank sowie die LBBW, die Unterstützung für den Bezahldienst von Apple. Foto: Christoph Dernbach/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

One year after the launch of Apple Pay Germany, 371 out of a total of 379 German savings banks have now introduced the digital payment service. Around 50 million customers can use the service with it. Commerzbank, Norisbank and LBBW were added as further credit institutions.


Initially, customers can only use Apple Pay with credit cards and debit cards issued by banks. A solution for the Girocard, which is widely used in Germany and which many consumers still know under the old brand name EC card, is still in the works. It will be introduced next year, said Apple Pay boss Jennifer Bailey.

With Apple Pay Germany, you can pay with an iPhone or an Apple Watch at the checkout as with a contactless card. A double-tap on the power button of the device will start the payment mode, paid by holding the smartphone or smartwatch to the dealer’s card reader.

The payment method can also be used online. The transactions are released via the iPhone face recognition Face ID or the fingerprint scanner of the MacBooks.

A year ago, the savings banks had reacted cautiously to Apple Pay. But at Deutsche Bank, which was already working with the tech group at the time, you could hear that expectations had been significantly exceeded.

However, many bank customers remain skeptical. In the representative Innofact survey by the comparison portal Verivox, a good third of the respondents (35 percent) said: “I think it is not certain.”

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