German monthly telecom spending rises to €65 in 2019

Households pay an average of 24 euros for internet and telephone flat rates

Germans spent an average of EUR 65.20 per month per household on postal and telecommunication services in 2019, according to the Federal Statistics Office (Destatis). German monthly telecom spending

This compares with EUR 60.80 per month in 2014. Converged service spending fell over the course of the five-year period.

With an average of around 54 euros (2014: 52 euros), households spent most of these monthly expenses on telecommunications services. They paid an average of 24 euros for the combined internet and telephone flat rates. Mobile telephony (call, connection and basic charges) incurred 20 euros per month per household, 8 euros for landline connections and 3 euros for Internet access fees. 

The purchase of telecommunications equipment (telephones, smartphones, routers and others) including their repairs amounted to 7 euros per month (2014: 4 euros). 

Private households spent an average of 4 euros a month on postal services such as letters and parcels (2014: 4 euros). 

As the household size increases, so does the post and telecommunications expenditure. While people living alone spent an average of 48 euros a month on it, two-person households spent 70 euros. In households with three people, the costs were similar to those in households with four people (88 and 89 euros, respectively). Households of five or more people spent an average of 104 euros per month. German monthly telecom spending

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