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German luggage brand leverages NFC for product authentication and customer engagement

Purchasers of Straw+ suitcases manufactured by German luggage brand Stratic can now authenticate their purchase, access product information and receive offers and tips about packing by tapping an NFC chip embedded in the suitcase with their NFC smartphone. nfc luggage

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Tapping the NFC chip also enables owners to create an interactive packing list and store their contact details online rather than on a physical tag attached to their suitcase.

Smart, innovative, sustainable – that is the luggage from STRATIC. The “STRAW” suitcase line consists of 25% straw, a by-product of wheat and rice. The energy consumption during production is significantly reduced and the products can be degraded and recycled more quickly. In addition, the bioplastic does not contain any plasticizers that are harmful to health.

The German company, which was founded in Rodgau/Hessen in 1946, is now going one step further. With its new “STRAW +” case line, the luggage manufacturer is launching a world first: The cases (available in size S/carry-on case, M and L/long-distance travel case) are equipped with an NFC chip, so that the STRAW case series now has an additional reached the digital dimension.

STRATIC is thus launching its new and innovative STRATIC CONNECT concept. In the future, all of the manufacturer’s case series will be equipped with the NFC chip. An absolute novelty on the case market.

Each chip has a unique and unforgeable ID. So it is also possible to control the suitcases app-based and get all the necessary information about your luggage. In the encrypted app, the customer receives product and company information, there is a packing advisor, the option of creating packing lists, you can store your contact details for the “Lost and Found” check and – last but not least – the Co2 footprint of the STRATIC customers compensated with climate coins for sustainable projects.

STRATIC has successfully renewed and modernized in the last two years. With the entry of Axel Bree as managing director in the traditional company, new structures were successfully created and new future-oriented paths were paved. “We’re sort of a startup with 75 years of experience,” says Bree.

STRATIC delivers sustainable, German engineering for smart mobility. The aim is to design suitcases and travel bags that not only correspond to the current trend in terms of appearance, but also offer state-of-the-art equipment in terms of technology and content in order to revolutionize the market – in a sustainable way. The “STRAW+” series is now commercially available.

short video shows how the technology works. nfc luggage

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