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Gabb Maps

Gabb Announces Official Re-launch of Gabb Maps

Gabb, the leading kid-safe tech company, announced its official re-launch of Gabb Maps, a kid-safe navigation app, on February 28th, expanding its availability to all Gabb® phones, including the Gabb Phone (Z2). This launch re-affirms Gabb’s commitment to child safety through a framework of Tech in Steps™ by offering a map tool that grants kids independence and parents peace of mind.

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Gabb Maps is revolutionary in that it gives kids and teens the freedom to explore while offering protection from explicit content and potential dangers present in other map platforms. Unlike many navigation apps, Gabb Maps is ad-free, and does not collect children’s data, except in an anonymous format to improve the navigation function of the app. Kids’ data is never sold to third parties.

Gabb’s strategic partnership with HERE ensures a robust and reliable kid-safe navigation experience through Gabb Maps. HERE is one of the world’s largest digital mapping platforms, trusted by customers that include leaders in e-commerce, transportation and logistics, global automakers, and public sector agencies worldwide.

Key Features of Gabb Maps:

  1. Safety First: Gabb Maps does not allow user-generated content from businesses or others, which protects kids from explicit images and comments. The app blocks the operating hours and contact information for adult-only businesses, including vape shops, bars, liquor stores, strip clubs, and sex boutiques, offering a more secure experience for kids.
  2. Independence for Kids and Teens: Detailed and Accurate: Powered by HERE, Gabb Maps provides highly detailed and accurate maps, regularly updated with fresh and accurate maps.
  3. Custom Routing for Pedestrians and Bikes: Gabb Maps promotes independence by recognizing walkways, stairs, ramps, and more for a kid-friendly experience.
  4. Family-Friendly Attractions: Displays detailed maps of landmarks, theme parks, malls, and other locations important to kids, making the app a robust educational and navigational tool.
  5. Ad-Free and Privacy-Focused: Gabb Maps is ad-free and doesn’t collect kids’ data except to improve the platform. Data and user information is never sold to third parties.
  6. Parent-Enabled Essential App: Available on all Gabb phones, parents can choose to enable Gabb Maps through the Gabb App Store™.

Here are some similar products and services:

1. Pinwheel

  • Focus: Pinwheel is a comprehensive parental control solution offering a custom-made smartphone and accompanying service plan.
  • Features: App controls, content filtering, location tracking, and robust time management tools.
  • Pros: Excellent for high-level control and monitoring of child’s phone usage.
  • Cons: Might feel too restrictive for older kids or teens.

2. Troomi

  • Focus: Troomi provides kid-safe smartphones and plans with a focus on gradual independence.
  • Features: parental controls, a safe app store, location tracking, and customizable screen time limits.
  • Pros: A good middle-ground for parents who want to give their kids some freedom while still maintaining oversight.
  • Cons: Less feature-rich than some competitors.

3. GizmoWatch

  • Focus: GizmoWatch is a smartwatch from Verizon designed specifically for younger children.
  • Features: GPS tracking, simple calling, and texting, fun activities, limited functionality.
  • Pros: Great choice for keeping in touch with young kids without overwhelming them with a full smartphone.
  • Cons: Not suitable for teens or those needing more robust features.

4. Relay-screenless phone

  • Focus: Relay prioritizes simple communication with a walkie-talkie-like design.
  • Features: one-touch button for sending voice messages, location tracking, and limited app-based controls.
  • Pros: Excellent for young kids who primarily need a way to stay connected with their parents.
  • Cons: Very limited in terms of features compared to smartphones.

Choosing the Right Alternative:

Consider these factors when choosing a Gabb alternative:

  • Child’s Age: Younger kids might be better suited to GizmoWatch or Relay.
  • Level of Control: Pinwheel offers the most control, while Troomi is best for a mix of control and flexibility.
  • Desired Features: If a simple communication device is enough, Relay is a viable option.

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