telecom industry in europe

Future of the telecom industry in Europe

Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized analytics solutions, has announced the completion of their article that analyzes the future of the telecom industry in Europe.

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As the telecom industry in Europe faces a mixed financial outlook driven by rapid change in technology, telecom service providers have reached a strategic crossroads. Due to the proliferation of new and advanced technologies and the data deluge, players in the European telecom industry are faced with shrinking profit margins that have hindered business growth.

What is clear to us in our analysis of the future of the telecom industry in Europe is that, to gain a front-liner advantage and sustain the dynamic shifts, Europe’s telcos cannot just afford to remain just passive observers, but are expected to take proactive measures to tackle the seismic shifts in business processes.

Analyzing the Future of Telecom Industry in Europe

1. Complex Business Models

With the growing need for mobile networking services, players in the telecom industry are expected to grow their market share by a considerable percentage through mobile networks and fixed-line networking services.  However, a small fraction of telecom operators will continue to struggle to drive profits by capitalizing on such opportunities. But it seems like both the fixed-line and mobile networking service providers in the telecom industry share an equal chance to witness a dip in market share even in the most optimistic scenarios. As such, cost-cutting will hold a top spot in the business agenda of telecom companies. This signifies operational and commercial costs, as well as CAPEX, will be on the chopping block over the next few years.


2. Changing Operating Models

Enhancing business operations to address network issues is poised to be the most prominent goal for businesses operating the European telecom industry. But to improve network quality and the quality of services rendered, it’s crucial to proactively address customer needs. This requires businesses to change their operating models and adopt suitable strategies to sustain a competitive position.

Improving network quality by addressing all network issues is poised to be the most prominent goal for businesses operating the European telecom industry. With the transformations in business, network, and operating models there is a huge possibility for sales, marketing, and customer service to evolve based on whether the companies continue to expand their services or sell network access to enhance market value.


3. Holistic Approach to Telecom Analytics

The global telecom industry is on the cusp of a major transformation and is changing faster than ever owing to the rapid developments in technology and business processes. Legacy revenue systems that are driven by over-the-top (OTT) service providers will disappear, forcing operators to consider new strategies to address customer needs and identify new revenue streams. While many have embarked on the journey to digitize business processes, the sector remains vulnerable to quickening shifts in terms of technological advancements, growing competition, and changing customer needs.


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