Free wi-fi goes live on Delhi airport metro line

Delhi Metro Rail Corp has launched passenger wi-fi on the Airport Express Line, providing ‘seamless and free internet connectivity’.

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Passengers on this line will now be able to enjoy all of their standard internet applications like email, Facebook, YouTube, Google Search, Whatsapp, video and audio calls, and more while travelling inside the trains on the Airport Line.

Passengers will be able to access high speed free Wi-Fi by simply logging onto the network with the name “METROWIFI_FREE”. The procedure to connect is:

  • Select METROWIFI_FREE network from your phone’s Wi-Fi menu
  • Look at the pop-up
  • Enter your phone number if asked, and get your OTP to access the network
  • Click “Connect”
  • Enjoy your high-speed Internet access throughout the journey

With this launch, India becomes the first country in South Asian region and among just few countries worldwide to provide free Wi-Fi connectivity to passengers travelling in underground trains. Very few Metro Cities in the world offer such facilities.

At present underground train Wi-Fi connectivity operates at Moscow (Russia), St. Petersburg (Russia), Seoul (Korea) and Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Shanghai (China).

The project for providing Wi-Fi connectivity in Delhi Metro Network is being implemented by a Consortium of M/s Maxima Digital Pvt. Ltd. (Partner of MaximaTelecom, Russia), M/s Techno Sat Comm (India) Pvt Ltd and M/s Sifi Technologies.

For giving a seamless Wi-Fi, experience at Airport Express Line, the consortium has laid dedicated 24 Km Fiber, 7 Km of power cable with 44 base stations (Pole as well as Frame type) and other active components along the entire length of the line to ensure that trains never lose Wi-Fi connectivity. Every train (Driver Cars) is equipped with radios to connect to the trackside network and every car in the train has wireless access points for passengers to connect.

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