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Free Mobile users get 4G roaming on New Zealand

Since the second half of 2018, Free Mobile subscribers have been buzzing around the activation of 4G in international roaming. At the other end of the world, a subscriber to the 19.99 € / month package including 25 GB / month in roaming, has just hooked for the first time the 4G (LTE) of Vodafone, New Zealand and announce it on Twitter. free mobile New Zealand
This one performed a test of flow and reached 31.7 Mbit / s in download and 12.2 Mbit / s in upload.
As a reminder, subscribers to the most expensive package of the operator can also enjoy unlimited calls, SMS, MMS from and to this country.

Unlimited 4G mobile Internet (100 GB on 3G): offer available to subscribers benefiting from the Freebox price reduction (i.e. who pay €15.99 for their Free Mobile Plan) and who have a 4G mobile phone. For subscribers paying €19.99, or who terminate their Freebox subscription: 100 GB on 4G/3G with a 4G mobile phone and 3 GB with a 3G mobile phone. Speeds reduced in excess of these volumes. Available in Metropolitan France only.

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Unlimited calls, texts and MMS excluding short, special and premium numbers and premium texts/MMS.

In Europe, the French overseas departments (DOM), the United States, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Israel and New Zealand: 5GB/month for 3G; then €0.057/MB in Europe and the French overseas departments and standard billing rates in the other countries.

Here is the list of countries and operators where 4G roaming has been detected by subscribers during their travels or trips to certain other countries such as: Italy (Iliad network), Belgium (Base), Switzerland (Salt), Portugal, Luxembourg (Post), Germany (O2), the United Kingdom (Vodafone), Austria, the Netherlands (KPN), Canada (Telus), Russia (Beeline) and Greece, South Africa, Canada (Telus), Denmark (TDC), Israel, Romania, Turkey (turkcell), Spain (Vodafone), Croatia (Tele2) , Iceland (Nova) and the United States (AT & T).

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