Free ads 9 new destinations to their 25 GB roaming package 🇫🇷

Serbia, Montenegro, Belarus, Macedonia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan included in the 25GB / month of data roaming. This makes 65 countries totally.


Free continues to expand the international component of its mobile offering, following the addition of Tunisia , Argentina , Sri Lanka and Bangladesh .

It is now possible to use the Internet in 3G with its Free package (€ 19.99 per month, or € 15.99 for Freebox subscribers) from these nine countries, at no additional cost: : Serbia, Montenegro, Belarus, Macedonia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

Free is the first operator to include roaming data from these destinations in a consumer mobile package without a commitment to less than 20 € / month.

Calls, SMS and MMS are not included; only the data is offered without additional cost, thanks to the international envelope of 25 GB / month. Let’s summarize: the Free package now includes …

  • 25GB / month of mobile Internet usable in 3G from Europe, the DOM, the United States, Canada, Israel, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Switzerland, the Turkey, Algeria, Thailand, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, India, Malaysia, Tunisia, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Serbia, Montenegro, Byelorussia, Macedonia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS within Europe and the DOM.
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS locally and to metropolitan France from the United States, Canada, Israel, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.
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With the Free Mobile Package, subscribers benefit from an ever-growing offer complete. Today, more than 65 destinations benefit from roaming data (25GB / month) included in the package.
These new destinations are included today for all the new subscribers as for the old ones automatically.

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