Free 5G is available on Beirut airport

Lebanon launched its mobile 5G network service at the Beirut Rafik Hariri International Airport on Thursday.

Beirut’s airport is the first in the region to provide 5G service for its passengers,” said Telecommunications Minister Mohammed Choucair from the airport where he announced the news.

5G in Middle East 5g beirut airport

Choucair thanked all parties collaborating to take this move, he said: “We thank the General Manager of OGERO and the Middle East Airlines. We hope to see an improvement not only at the airport but throughout Lebanon.”

For his part, Transport Minister Youssef Fenianos said: “Everything is on the application that we launched in collaboration with Ogero to facilitate the travel of passengers.” “The service will be available for all passengers,” he noted.

The Lebanese government has implemented lately a project aimed at expanding Beirut’s airport to cater to an increasing number of passengers.

According to a study released by the airport in March 2018, as many as 10 million passengers are expected to travel through the Beirut airport by 2020, which has the capacity of hosting only 6 million passengers annually.


Public Internet WIFI and kiosks


Wireless Internet Access (WIFI) is available to passengers at BRHIA (Free of charge) for half an hour daily (30 minutes/24H)

BRHIA is among the first airports in the Middle-East and in the world to provide such a service. The service provides 15 kiosks with Internet access distributed throughout the different departure gates of the airport, and a HOT SPOT access that covers the departure and arrival hall as well as the VIP lounges.

Hot Spot or Wireless computing has made unprecedented deployment progress in recent years. Increasingly, wireless-enabled laptops have become the end-user computing platform of choice, particularly among people who travel frequently for work. Wireless computing and mobilization simplify the tasks and virtually create more hours in the day, which is especially important for the business and the leisure traveler. Airports are ideal hotspot locations: as travelers wait for their plane to depart, they find it convenient to be wirelessly connected to their company intranet or to the Internet. For travelers with laptops not equipped with the WIFI features, 15 Internet kiosks have been strategically located at the departure gates.

This service will consist on buying Internet cards, available at the airport duty-free zone, at 5$ for 30 minutes of access and 10$ for 75 minutes of access. The Internet cards can be entered in the traveler’s personal laptop as well as in the computers available in any of the 15 kiosks implemented by IDM. The card is valid for 1 year. The traveler also has the possibility to pay by Credit Card through an online authorization, or to use a HOT SPOT Roaming account.


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