France Introduces Monthly Unlimited Train Passes

France is taking significant steps to revamp its public transportation system in a bid to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable mobility. Unlimited Train Passes France

Minister Delegate for Transport Clément Beaune announced on France 2’s Telematin program that the government plans to introduce a new monthly subscription system that would give commuters unlimited travel on regional and inter-city trains across the country.

The initiative is scheduled to launch next summer and will initially be limited to regional and inter-city trains. However, Beaune said that the government is considering expanding the program to include other forms of urban public transportation, such as buses, metros, and trams, in major cities.

What is the Rail Pass? Unlimited Train Passes France

Announced by Emmanuel Macron on Monday September 4, the Rail Pass aims to become a subscription allowing unlimited train travel on the TER and Intercités lines, like the Deutschlandticket in Germany. During his interview, Clément Beaune added that this subscription would work “if possible with buses, metros, trams in our big cities”.

The idea would both reduce car use, in order to reduce CO2 emissions linked to our daily travels, but also make the most distant suburbs more accessible. A rather laudable idea if ever there was one, as we have just experienced the hottest summer on record and the rail network is one of the levers allowing us to reduce our carbon emissions according to the IPCC.

The monthly subscription will be priced at a reasonable €49, Beaune said, in an effort to address concerns about the potential high cost of the program.

The move has the support of the highest office in the land, with French President Emmanuel Macron expressing his approval of the unlimited public transportation ticket concept during an appearance on the Hugo Decrypte social media channel in September.

France’s plan is similar to a recent initiative in Germany, which in May rolled out the “Germany Ticket” that offers unlimited monthly access to a range of public transportation options, including trains, metros, trams, and buses, with the exception of long-distance and express trains.

These innovative approaches to public transportation are part of a growing trend around the world as governments seek to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. By making public transportation more affordable and accessible, governments hope to encourage more people to leave their cars at home and take public transit instead.

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