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Travelling to Dubai

Heard that UAE is one of the most expensive countries in the world when it comes to prepaid sim cards. I'll need one next month (data is more important then voice). Anybody have something to recommend?


Hi, I spent a couple days in Dubai earlier this year. The first thing I did upon arrival was buying a UAE sim card for tourists to stay online. Like you already sid and like most other things in the UAE a Dubai prepaid sim card is expensive, definitely if you use a lot of data. Unfortunately there are only 2 main mobile internet operators in Dubai: Du and Etisalat and that means no competition and high prices (there is also Virgin now)

There are 2 options for buying a Dubai sim card for tourists. You can either wait till you get to the city and go to any Etisalat or Du shop or you buy a UAE sim card at Dubai Airport. In almost every mall in Dubai you will find an Etisalat or a Du shop so buying a sim card in Dubai is easy. I recommend Etisalat. Price was 105 AED ($29) = 1 GB data only.Alternative if you travel often is to try to find something reusable with longer validation. Hope that I help a bit!


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