First-of-its-kind app lets iPhone users try on braces in Augmented Reality

Now, orthodontic patients can see exactly what different braces will look like on their smiles before they invest in treatment. Tx Selector™ is fun, interactive, and easy. The product has already garnered high praise from orthodontists who are eager to use it with their own patients.

Braces can dramatically improve oral health and enhance a patient’s smile. When we learned that many people feel unhappy about how they look during treatment, while others ask to have their braces removed early or reject the treatment entirely, we got to work.  braces augmented reality


Anyone considering braces can now see how different styles will look on their teeth before they visit an orthodontist, thanks to a first-of-its-kind augmented reality (AR) application for the iPhone. braces augmented reality

With Clarity™ Smile, users can immediately see how ceramic, metallic, and colored braces or clear aligners will look as they speak and smile, as if they were looking in a mirror. They can also use the app to share selfies with friends and family.

Built by Vancouver-based digital product company, Neon, in partnership with a Fortune 100 firm, Clarity Smile solves the technical challenges of dynamic AR occlusion (the visual layering of real and virtual objects), precision object tracking, and variable lighting to give iPhone users a live, interactive, and digitally-enhanced preview on their own teeth.

“Now everyone can choose the right braces for their smiles, before they spend precious time and money on treatment,” says Aly Hasham, Vice President, Strategy at Neon. “Clarity Smile is quick, interactive, and fun – and it represents a major advance in AR technology.”


Tx Selector™ screenshot showing a user trying on different types of braces


Clarity Smile™ lets iPhone users try on braces in augmented reality before seeking orthodontic treatment.  This first-of-its-kind app makes it easy for users to see how ceramic and metallic braces or clear aligners  (plus fun options, like diamond grills) will look on their own  teeth. Precision object tracking ensures braces stay on people’s teeth as they move, smile, and even speak — just like looking in a mirror. They can also use the app to take selfies and share them with friends and family.



Using the iPhone’s front-facing TrueDepth camera, Clarity Smile ensures digital braces appear only on the teeth, and don’t superimpose on the lips when users close their mouths. The app precisely tracks the braces onto individual teeth as people move their heads, while adjusting for ambient lighting and reflections — providing a high-quality visualization before patients invest in a treatment plan.

Clarity Smile also features several just-for-fun previews, including vampire and zombie teeth, and sparkly diamond grills. App users who are ready to consult with an orthodontist can access the Doctor Locator to find a professional in their area.

Clarity Smile requires iPhone X or later, and is now available for download from the App Store. The app is currently supported in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, with more language options to come. braces augmented reality

Critical industry insights braces augmented reality

More than 4 million North Americans currently see an orthodontic specialist. One in three of these patients are adults. But whether you’re 9 or 49, seeing yourself in braces for the first time can be shocking. Many patients reject essential orthodontics because they’re afraid of how they’ll look during treatment. Orthodontists can demonstrate braces on plastic models, called typodonts, but it’s an impersonal experience.

Discussing this challenge with a colleague sparked an insight: what if patients could use AR to preview braces on their own teeth?

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