First full quarter with EU roam like at home (RLAH) – Nordic countries

Most operators had however introduced their own variants of RLAH before it was mandatory which preempted the effect, reports Tefficient.

With its unlimited data plans, Finnish operators are exempted from RLAH and can still charge extra for EU roaming, but the reason to the leadership of the Finnish operators shouldn’t be attributed to this: Finnish operators had faster revenue growth also before.

While the other Nordic markets had 0-1% of SIM base on unlimited mobile data plans, 60% of the Finnish non-M2M SIMs were unlimited in June 2017 – so it’s noteworthy that unlimited mobile data doesn’t mean the end of revenue growth. If anything, rather the opposite.

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Fine print: Ice Norway is missing since it hasn’t yet reported Q3 2017. Its growth should be high (from a low level). The figures are proforma; Reported growth is higher for Telia Norway due to the acquisition of Phonero and for Tele2 due to the acquisition of TDC Sweden.

According to TDC Denmark, Plenti (acquired Q3 2017) “does not yet have financial impact”.

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