Osijek will be first 5G city in Croatia

5G networks will be built in the eastern Croatian city of Osijek by December 31, 2020, announced Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butkovic on January 23, according to a government statement

First 5G city in Croatia will be Osijek, the Adriatic country’s government said on Thursday.

The government said in a statement that Osijek, Croatia’s fourth largest city located in the eastern region of Slavonija, will have a 5G network built and will start providing commercial 5G services by December 31, 2020.


The initiative is part of EU’s 5G Action Plan, which aims to make 5G reality for citizens and businesses in the member states by the end of 2020.

Designating Osijek as Croatia’s first 5G city … will significantly contribute to the development of the eastern part of Croatia,” Butkovic said, adding that all three domestic mobile operators were ready to jointly build and introduce 5G infrastructure and services in the city of Osijek.

Osijek was selected for the project by representatives of the transport ministry, Croatia’s telecommunications agency HAKOM, and the three mobile operators present in Croatia – Hrvatski Telekom, A1 Hrvatska and Tele2 Hrvatska.

Transport minister Oleg Butkovic said in the statement that the three mobile operators are ready to jointly build the 5G infrastructure in Osijek.


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