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Uros Unveils Data Roaming Device

For most busy executives who travel across the world a lot keeping track of office development online is one major challenge that they have to put up with due to high rates of data roaming across mobile networks operators. uros roaming

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They need not worry about high data roaming rates anymore because a Finland telecommunications company, Uros has introduced a three prong solutions that will make low-cost data roaming rates available whenever and wherever anyone is in world.

The solution known as GoodSpeed offers high-speed, low-cost and secure mobile data roaming, wherever anyone travel in the world through the Uros global Goodspeed mobile devices.
The Chief Executive Officer, Uros Group, Jerry Raatikainen and his colleague, General Manager, Africa, Debbie Wilkins were at the NigeriaCom ICT conference and exhibition in Lagos South West Nigeria to unveil the new technology at the globe telecommunications event.

In an interview with Technology Mirror the duo revealed that Uros is poised towards reducing roaming rates and keeping everyone connected wherever they are across the globe.
According to Raatikainen, the era of paying so much for data while roaming has gone with the introduction of the GoodSpeed devices from Uros, which he described as definite choice for the international traveller stressing that it guarantees 4G Wi-Fi for all mobile devices instant wireless data connection with transparent cost and enough data to do anything.

He disclosed that Uros is passionate about driving down the cost of data roaming for every activities online while on the move saying that although Uros is a Finland company, it has multiple presence across the world including South Africa.
He noted that the participation of Uros at the NigeriaCom telecoms event was because of its interest in the Nigerian telecommunications market, and that there are huge opportunities in Nigeria.
Describing how the GoodSpeed device works, Raatikainen said it is a roaming app that offers the best rates for global data without the need to carry any other devices, and that it is a simple and smart solution for mobile phone.

He added that with the device, roaming in over 120 countries across world is possible by just tapping on it saying that Uros currently has partnership with Vodafone, China Telecoms, Telefonica, while also looking forward towards working with MTN.

The GoodSpeed is a ready-to-go connection with fixed daily fees but with no subscription and abundant data bundles as well as an ideal enterprise solution for global data.
It is a seamless connectivity solution for business to keep mobile staff connected on the go while offering significant savings on company mobility expenses without compromising network security.
Explaining further, Raatikainen said that Uros is only focusing on data and not voice stressing that the Uros team was in Nigeria to expand its business coverage in Africa
He said that Uros is looking forward towards working with the MNOs in Nigeria to deploy its smartphones and mobile hotspots device adding that although the competition is fierce across the globe, Uros is still among the top five players in the market.

Recently, 12 new destinations: Albania, Malta, Romania, Turkey, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania and New Zealand were added to the Goodspeed mobile wifi coverage zone.

Also last June, it launched its global 4G mobile hotspot that uses the Goodspeed mobile internet service for fast and affordable international data roaming which caters for countries without 5G technology.
On what he perceived to be some of the challenges in doing business in Africa, he said the major challenge is the culture aspect in Africa but that has not stopped it from spreading across Africa adding that Uros is also doing business in Middle East.

Commenting on the success of its presence at the NigeriaCom telecoms conference and exhibition, Debbie Wilkins who has been supporting Uros business in Africa for years disclosed that the team has met key players in the Nigerian telecoms industry and Uros hope to make impact in the Nigerian market.
Wilkins disclosed that Uros is seeking key distribution partners for its two devices: the Goodspeed Smartphone for data and the Goodspeed Hopspot device in the Nigerian telecoms market.
She added that the adoption of new technology in the African continent is slow saying that the Europe is two years ahead in the adoption of new technology.

She observed that while most part of Europe has already embraced 5G technology countries in Africa are still on 3G and 4G technology noting that Africa is one of the most important continent Uros is working with.  uros roaming
While urging African MNOs to move faster in the adoption technology, said that bureaucracy seems a major issue in doing business in the continent.
However, she sees Africa as a place where there are lots of enthusiasms on the side of the consumer but the operators are not moving fast enough to meet the needs of the consumer.


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