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Finding the right mobile phone tariff

According to an Ofcom-accredited survey, three-quarters of Britons on pay monthly deals are spending too much on their mobile phone contract, with the total overspend standing at a shocking £5 billion per year. Other countries situation is just the same.

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There are so many mobile networks and contracts to choose from these days and it can be hard to know if you’re getting the best deal. There are many elements to a mobile phone tariff, from inclusive calls and texts to emailing and data applications.

Most people pay well over the odds for their mobile, because their tariff doesn’t quite fit. Either they’re paying for way more minutes, texts and data than they use, or paying through the nose every time they go over their allowances (the cheapest deal isn’t always the cheapest deal!).

You should be careful with:

Inclusive minutes

Every mobile phone tariff should offer a deal on inclusive minutes, the amount is usually dependent on how much you pay each month.

Many business mobile phone tariffs offer free calls to your colleagues if you are all on the same network, while consumer-targeted mobile tariffs tend to offer a set amount of free calls each month.

Inclusive SMS

Much like inclusive minutes, most mobile phone tariffs will offer a set number of inclusive texts. This often includes a number of free texts that can be bumped up with an add-on bundle.

Data refers to content or information that you can access over the internet from your mobile, such web pages, music or video calls.

If you are someone who likes to make the most of the advanced technology available on your phone, you should make sure your mobile phone tariff includes a data bundle.


Calls from mobiles when you’re abroad can be very expensive. However, if you plan to use your mobile abroad a lot, you can sign-up to a mobile phone tariff that gives you a good rate on international roaming.

Contract lengths

No one wants to be tied into a phone contract for the long haul, but in order to get a good deal, networks will expect you to sign up for a set number of months (normally at least a year).

It’s true that you can get rolling contracts with no commitment, but unless these are SIM only, they’re not a cost effective way of doing things.

Most networks will offer you the choice of 12, 18, 24 or 36 month contracts, with the monthly cost decreasing as the length of contract increases.

The main advantage of longer terms – and this is especially true of 24-month deals – is that the length of the contract usually means you’ll pay a lower monthly premium.

If you’ve already got a decent phone and aren’t that bothered about upgrading to the latest and greatest, there’s nothing to stop you keeping it and switching to a SIM only deal.

Sometimes it is hard to decide which tariff you should choose or your family. Imagine how it is for company with 500 or 1500 SIM cards! But in situations like that, Alertify can help!

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